So as you might have noticed – throughout February and March I have been on a relentless run of releasing content EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It is quite demanding and I’m happy I stopped it. For now.

Because even though it wasn’t my fulltime job – it definitely changed the way I lived my days and how I was around people. It was electrifying but a very good practice for whatever that may be.

I’ve learned a couple of things the bast 5 weeks – which I’m grateful for.

If you have any youtube questions just fire away!


welcome back to another video what’s
going on today we’re talking about what
I have learned from uploading to YouTube
every day for a month
this is your first time here I’m Sasha
I’m uploading videos and I’m talking
about all types of band stuff music
industry stuff music production stuff so
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bell so you don’t miss anything so as
some of you dear
at this point subscribers have
noticed maybe like ten of you I’ve been
uploading to YouTube every day and it
has made me insane not insane as in a
like shining way or something but it has
occupied my mind all day like every
working day was all YouTube tags
description to what can I do to drive
more traffic I was watching videos of
other youtubers we were talking about
youtubers and it was very insane so I
have started uploading to YouTube every
I think February th or th or
something and this Sunday the March
March th I took a break because it
well as I said it made me a little bit
crazy to to care about YouTube every day
of I think two of those weeks I shot the
majority of the videos in one day and
then I laid out a release plan and I had
everything planned for every day and
then I made all the graphics for
Instagram and Facebook and prepared the
blog posts or if you may have noticed
I’m uploading I’m uploading the video to
YouTube then I’m implement then I’m
embedding it on a blog post and writing
writing some sentences on my blog post
and to drive traffic there and then
people can watch it from there and maybe
discover something else on my website
that they might like but the blog post
is not the YouTube thing so I have said
to myself I’ve got no mixed requests I
didn’t have anything to do I had a
couple of gigs at the theater so I
thought hey let’s look let’s upload to
YouTube until I do not have time anymore
or until
go crazy I just wanted to to see what it
actually does does is is there some
algorithm picking me up is there some
magic thing happening because you’re
uploading every day because it seems
like if you upload every day and you are
taking care of your description and your
your thumbnail and tags properly I’ve
put a lot of time into the tag research
sometimes more sometimes less I have
tools for that or telling me which are
telling me how many times a month
something on the internet is searched so
that I’m not grabbing into a black hole
and just seeing what sticks but in terms
of content I just I just pointed the
camera at myself started my microphone
recording and I just I just talked like
I’m like I’m doing right now and it’s
the it’s the most natural way that I can
do a video because it’s my DNA sometimes
I didn’t really feel like editing
because it’s the longest it takes the
most time like upload downloading it
from my phone into my computer then
loading it into Final Cut then doing the
edits and I’ve done a lot a lot of
groundwork that I can implement right
now which is amazing which I wanted to
do last year when I started doing videos
there was there was no algorithm picking
me up there was I gained new
subscribers during that time thank you
very much and welcome to his channel say
hello if you like and this is pretty
cool and I’m very thankful for that but
I thought I I mean I would have been
okay I would have done for a month or
five weeks if it were was only
subscribers that I’ve gained and it’s
and it’s fun I like doing videos I like
I like the editing so what I have
learned is that there are videos that
have done a little bit better which got
a lot more views by people that are not
subscribed to my channel and then I look
at videos that just have like
views and most of those are from
subscribers and what I have definitely
learned in these five weeks of
and that this is not a video telling me
telling you that I’m going to stop I’m
not going to stop uploading to YouTube
because I like it
your subscriber count is not your view
count so not every one of your
subscribers is going to watch your video
I am very proud of my something like
forty five percent of my views are from
subscribers at this point and I’m very
very thankful for that but that’s why I
started putting this little animation at
the beginning of the video because I
want people if they subscribe to hit the
bell notification if they’re really
interested because the Bell notification
is giving you a notification that I have
uploaded a new video and you can either
choose if it’s on your phone if it’s on
your video if it’s on your email and
that’s what’s really driving committed
viewers that actually want to watch your
stuff so this video is kind of a what I
have learned and maybe some tips I can
give you
thumbnails are definitely definitely a
huge part of this because it’s the first
thing that people see and I have
experiment with colors a lot I have
tried a lot with red because it’s the
most saturated color and I highly highly
suggest read in your thumbnails and just
playing with them looking at other
youtubers what they are doing what are
their most watched videos and against
that looking what the thumbnail of their
most watched videos are actually looking
like so I wouldn’t take an example from
people that have million subscribers
I would look for people that are around
a hundred thousand two hundred thousand
are doing things right because they are
still putting a lot of effort in a
thumbnails if you have million
subscribers you can just put an excited
face of yourself and the thumbnail and
you’re done
but at my stage and at most of the
people’s stages you have to put a lot of
effort into your thumbnail you have to
think about what what are what what are
you writing there are you someone who
puts the title in the thumbnail which is
mostly which is most of the times way
too long so I have tried to grab your
eye more with the thumbnail than with
the title because the title comes second
but if you’re not interested in the
thumbnail why would you read the title
and it I didn’t take enough time to
think about the whole thumbnail about
the whole title thing for the longest
time I had my name in the title but it’s
actually putting yourself down in the
algorithm because the algorithm just
wants you to have a title that is saying
a lot it wants you to have a clear title
it doesn’t want you to have your name in
there it doesn’t want you to have some
weird shit in there some weird playlist
name or and I have done a lot of those
things and that’s why I don’t have don’t
do this to your band tag in my in my
description in my title anymore because
it’s it’s misleading my YouTube game if
you if you if you would if you would say
that I would rather put all of the band
tips videos in a playlist that would be
called don’t do this to your band for
now what weirds me out in history the
most watched videos I mean besides the
two hours some kind of monster challenge
and Bill burr video and the lordís
Murder video and Slipknot review my most
watched videos are actually those who
are called owners to your band so I I
want to maybe try to find a way in the
middle of that and what I have learned
as well I mean a lot of people talk
about how the best camera is the one
you’ve got which is in most cases your
phone like I you’re watching I’m looking
to my phone right now on a tripod but
the thing is if your lighting is off if
you’re editing export settings are off
you are exporting at p or you’re
exporting at HD but if your settings are
wrong you the day the file says it’s HD
its p but if you look at it you
sometimes have some grainy stuff going
on and the algorithm actually puts you
down if you do not shoot in k NIF
doesn’t if it doesn’t look like it’s
sharp at k a lot of the videos are in
the past two weeks I have shot in k but
I’m basically just learning out of this
and it nothing looks like k which some
of you are photography and videography
nerds and you might have noticed so I
would appreciate some help if you use
Final Cut Pro and can maybe assist me in
some some help uploading daily doesn’t
mean you work and you will get famous or
you will get picked up by the algorithm
I think if you’re uploading super highly
extremely engaging fun content which is
still a struggle for me with all the
topics I’m talking about now I will
probably go every second day so the
first week it would be Monday Wednesday
friday-sunday and the week after that
it’s Tuesday Thursday and Saturday so I
will have depend I was a different
schedule for every week so one week it’s
for videos one week it’s three reasons
I’m just gonna try that for a couple of
weeks because I’ve got some got some
theater stuff and family stuff coming up
and it it’s really it feels really good
to not up to not having to upload every
day because I didn’t benefit from it in
the way I thought I would benefit from
it so I think especially if you are
uploading content that is very kind of
technical and where it’s in an somehow
educational way it doesn’t really make
sense to to upload every day I mean
if I had a production team and people
who are shooting is I would upload twice
a day I because it would just be me if I
don’t recovered talking and I don’t
wouldn’t have to take care of any other
stuff the distribution really takes the
most amount of time shooting this is
just or minutes and coming up with
an idea what is interesting as well that
the most important metric for YouTube is
watch time because YouTube wants to mess
with Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime
TV and everything so the longer you can
engage someone on YouTube the better
your video will be treated and maybe
that’s one other reason why I didn’t
skyrocket a little bit more than I
thought I would but yeah if you if you
happen to have a YouTube creators
account the first metric is watch time
its minutes its minutes watchin it’s the
most important thing and it’s more
important than subscribers it’s more
important than views it’s watch time
people YouTube wants wants you to watch
shit ton of YouTube so if you optimize
for watch time you’re going to be off
way better
and for this I’m shooting this in a
Monday morning and for a Monday morning
that is everything I can say that if you
are a musician in a band or you’re
basically running any other project and
you’re looking for tools to skyrocket
your social media game or you’re looking
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and tell me if you have already tried to
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have you tried to be a youtuber in some
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thank you very much and have a great day