This is the first Episode of the Podcast! Thank you for reading this!

Remi is the perfect example of how to just go and DO DO DO and how to just take risks and chances. As well you’re learning how to get a record contract when you’re totally wasted at night.

You will hear Remi talk about playing a Festival in Nepal, how to make money from, how to just be a sick hustler, writing music ALL DAY.

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listener if you made it here if you are
actually listening to this I am very
thankful that you clicked on a link that
someone shared so this is episode
after you don’t do this to your band
podcast this is a different take on me
producing content for you guys to
consume so this the great thing about
podcasts and why I love podcasts is that
you can consume it passively driving
cleaning editing drums I don’t know
however you consume podcast is fine for
me and for my first podcast episode I
brought in a dear friend of mine his his
name is Remy Gallagher he actually we
moved to Cologne in the same week into
the same apartment and he is the guy the
computer the human programming drum
programming machine behind the algorithm
and we had a lot of food pizza coffee
drinks together and I thought it would
be really interesting for you guys to
hear a story like this and we talked
about a lot of stuff that I didn’t know
before and we talked about a lot of
interesting and sad stuff as well so
this is very interesting on how someone
turned a hobby into his day job let’s
say it is not a day job because he
really loves what he’s doing and this
guy is it’s this is a guy that can write
hours of music for weeks a day I hope
you enjoyed this episode and I’m really
looking forward to doing more of these
podcasts enjoy
hello there me thank you for being here
thank you for giving me some of your
producer time and we’re gonna make an a
public soundcheck after my audio up
so what did you have for breakfast and
what are you drinking right now okay hi
possible this morning for breakfast I
had like cucumbers and bunch of tomatoes
and a bunch of nuts and I’m drinking
coffee right now which now is empty so I
guess I need another one already okay
tell me when you need another coffee so
thank you for being here and what’s your
what’s your agenda what are you what are
you doing right now what are your
projects so these days I’m preparing the
live show for the festivals that we have
this summer so we have like a tech fest
festival in two weeks
I think and so I’m preparing like yeah
just we are seeing it a bit as well and
also walking on the soundtrack for a
game these days so it’s the first time
I’m doing the full soundtrack for a game
I’ve done I’ve done tracks for some
games in the past but it’s the first
time and I’m doing like all of it like
you are they book they kind of booked
you to do the soundtrack like Raimi can
you do our soundtrack that that’s how
it’s yeah okay nice awesome so but you
can’t talk about the game already right
yeah I can talk about it actually if you
want to check it out I am actually
because I do streaming on Twitch quite a
lot like two times per week and so what
I’m doing now on Mondays is I write the
soundtrack of the game on twitch so I’m
actually playing the game and then
writing the soundtrack and then going
back and forth and people can you know
watch the process and so it’s I’m
talking about the game and you can
actually see
the game in action you know so it’s I
think it’s pretty cool way to build like
pipe for the game and also for people to
you know learn about the process of
writing music for games I guess so you
got the game without the music and
you’re you can just play it yeah exactly
awesome well I’m not a gamer but tell me
when it’s out yeah so uh let’s get to
the it’s get to the core that is my
chair that your listeners can hear on
this show I’m I want to like being an
artist myself for over years I want
to I want to make a twist on the
interview format because a lot of stuff
is boring I highly respect journalists
but I really want to go into the the
process of evolving the project or in
your case your solo computer programming
music that it was in the beginning and I
really want to talk about how you got
where you are and what are you up to and
what was your mindset and I got I think
some interesting questions to to to show
people what you have done because I I
think it’s really really interesting so
so what what did you do before the the
algorithm thing you were your guitar
player originally right yeah I used to
play in like high school bands you know
like we had like of this metalcore then
like in the days like nothing big I was
just playing it on we played the same
town what time was that like yeah I
think from to or something
yeah okay it was just like a small high
school project you know that was in
Montpelier right in Perpignan I hope you
know that’s okay yeah I always change
change to change those names but it’s
the South of France yeah they’re all
really close together okay and when did
you so you’ve been in the
banned and when did you come to to this
algorithm music thing like what was the
what was the process of going there so
when the band split up because you know
we were all going to universities and
different towns and stuff so the band
kind of split up at this point and I
still wanted to make music you know and
so I just picked up audio software and
then started messing around with guitar
and synthesizer and stuff did you know
did you know what you were doing at all
I was very interested about obviously
metal and you know progressive metal and
deathcore and like all this music stars
but I was also really interested by
electronic music and as I was studying
computer science at the same time I just
liked messing around with software’s you
know and this this is why I started
making you know this sort of hybrid of
metal and electronic music but I didn’t
really know what I was doing it was just
I just liked messing around with
software’s you know okay you you like to
do we weird weird sounds and breakdowns
am I getting that very much okay and
with the name like was it there in the
or was it did you come up with that name
when you when you were putting out stuff
like you need yeah I’m obviously yeah I
think the first track I was just making
it for my friends you know I didn’t
release it anyway I was just just like a
you know here is like this we had metal
breakdown and then it goes into techno
music oh this is so weird
well that was just for the joke you know
yeah and then I started to realize it
actually had fun doing it and a lot of
people were enjoying it so I started
releasing stuff on MySpace and yeah I
don’t know exactly where
the name idea came around but as I said
I was studying computer at the same time
and like it was another’s influence for
me like this will a computer science
topics and stuff so just to emphasize
the electronic music aspect I guess I
gave a very electronic sounding name
that make sense yeah it does absolutely
make sense if you see all your like your
branding and the pictures you put out
and the humor it does make absolute
sense so yeah if anyone who doesn’t know
you should go right now check this out
and how what we are actually talking
about so but in the beginning it was
just a hobby like you didn’t have any or
intentions to to make this a job or or
an income or like the main thing you’re
doing that was not the intention in the
beginning right or no like as I said I
was making music for my friends like in
the beginning it was just I didn’t I
didn’t even want to sell it it was just
make my friends love you know but yeah
because I was on my way to become
software engineer it’s like it for me I
was going to become a software engineer
I wasn’t going to become a musician but
then I got the opportunity to play a
bunch of shows and a bunch of festivals
and that’s when I started realized that
I could maybe make a living out of it so
that that that leads to the next point
there was I don’t know the exact story
and that’s why I have you on so at one
day you got hit up by John Julius wish
which was a roommate like we live with
this man and he’s the co-founder of the
euroblast festival and if anyone who
doesn’t know it you can go check it out
euroblast net it’s a progressive music
festival I think that’s it right yes if
rock modern progressive whatever so he
hits you up and you refused to play am i
right like you were you weren’t you
weren’t really you didn’t really want to
do it yeah well I wasn’t really
interested playing this kind of music
life because obviously I was I still am
you know the computer guy I like to sit
in my computer and do my stuff like that
computer actually inside yeah I was I
was very like how do you say like shy of
the stage it was not my things like
especially alone like when I was playing
in my band that’s fine because we were a
band but going out there alone I was
kind of freaked out by it and I didn’t I
never really thought of playing this
kind of music live but I thought about
it for a while and then you know at this
time the festival was getting a lot of
traction and it was becoming bigger and
bigger every year
so I thought okay this might be a good
opportunity to you know get my music out
there and kind of jump into the music
industry I guess and how long how long
was the time between the first contact
of hey you should play at my festival
until the point you are actually going
to Cologne like how long in time was
that one do you mean like like what’s
the time between your first contact with
with euroblast yeah you should come play
live and when did you actually play like
how long was it one year or two years
how long did you wait and how long did
you watch the festival progress oh I
think John hit me up in January and
I played I played the same year October
but so it took me like about or
months to make my mind you know it
wasn’t a very long time but you know
it’s I think at the same time
I was feeling very depressed by my by my
by my school because I was doing like it
turned shape and I didn’t really like it
like I like programming and I liked
computers I like learning about
computers stuff but I didn’t like
walking in this environment no I like
being my own boss and walking in the
company in the software company or
whatever it was just it was just not my
thing so because this happened exactly
at the same time it made me choose the
music industry kind of Korea instead but
you were you were alone on stage on that
or did you already have mic or no I was
alone okay yeah so else then you got you
played this festival and how how was it
you played in the smaller venue right
yeah and like how I think people haven’t
heard of that music before how did you
how is that that that show in your
memory it was it’s a really good memory
I think what made me feel comfortable is
that a lot of friends came to the
festival with me I had like I don’t know
about four or five friends from France
that came to festival with me so I did
felt like they were in front of the
stage you know it felt like family show
so I wasn’t that scared by it anymore
and a lot of people I was surprised by
the amount of people that knew my music
already that that was the first thing
second thing is a lot of people were
really scared or surprised
oh yeah it’s it’s it’s like it got a
reaction and that’s what I was trying to
do but yeah I was super stressed out and
I think the performance itself wasn’t
very good because I was so stressed out
and it wasn’t
that interesting now you know I’m
playing guitar on playing keyboard and
there’s a drama so it gets more
interesting yeah but back in the days
was just a guy in front of a computer so
it wasn’t that interesting but it was it
was a good you know starting point and I
will always remember that I went on
stage I had like a shirt and I had like
a huge K bad sauce stain and when I went
on stage my friend was like hey dude you
have a stain on your shirt and I was
like I don’t care and kept playing and
just like I looked so stupid you know
was that one one was it a one-time show
or did you already have plans for other
playing other concerts like bringing the
music out and going on on tour so to
speak or did you have other shows
planned or was that just a one-off yeah
I started getting a few shows most of
them in France and I think most of them
really bad actually
except your your bus was a good one that
all the shows that I did around this
period were all kind of really bad and
but I I was just learning and I think is
the music is so weird that it’s it took
very long time for me to understand how
it should be played you know and you
know especially in the metal scene when
you see a guy going on stage with a
computer you know they exactly hyped by
it you know it’s a completely different
insulation like music scene obviously
but playing you know metal festivals
with that kind of setup it was kind of
like already already a bad idea nice so
you started to play with Mike million
the monuments drummer back then and how
how did that work out like did John was
already like your proper manager at that
or was or when did that snort no not at
that point so at euroblast festival i
also met with nathan from basic records
okay and so i got signed with basic
records that day like one hour after i
played i could sign to basic record also
which was which was kind of kind of
weird I mean I know that when I went off
stage I had one of my friends waiting
for me with a really big joint and I
smoked it and then I realized that
Nathan from busy because wanted to talk
to me and I was like oh I’m so high
and my English was really really bad
back in the day so I always have this
memory of speaking talking with this guy
and being like so high and just like
saying random words with really bad
accents and Isis but you know it’s it’s
still a good thing and so Nathan knew
Mike margin okay because of monuments
and then I think it was trying to push
for for him to play for me so he
basically made the connection between me
and Mike Marian and it pushed Mike to do
like a bunch of covers on YouTube and
then eventually to join me in the band
okay so Mike joined in in February
so about five months after that well no
that’s that’s the first show we played
it wasn’t February and played in
London with few different structure and
chimp spanner so like a basic Records
showcase well yeah and it was like it
was incredible it was like such a step
up from from everything I’ve done before
so and you want to do you want already
wanted to make this a career like you’re
at the point where you want to push or
not yet yeah basically yeah because well
I think I was still I was still unsure
because obviously I got all these
opportunities but no money
yeah like very very little money and for
me it was already pretty big you know
coming from like a really small village
in South of France you know it’s like
playing London and playing Germany all
these things were like huge for me like
it’s like it was already incredible so I
was really happy to take these
opportunities and all my friends and my
family’s ever like they almost didn’t
believe it it was already like so big
obviously looking back I realized it was
not so big but it’s because you know now
I’m a different sort of level and of an
experience and stuff but yeah I mean it
was just like I was just trying to take
the opportunity like I didn’t want to
miss it you know it’s amazing when
you’re at the point when you don’t
really know how big something really is
or how small something really is and you
just feel great yeah exactly yeah
amazing I kind of miss these days what
was your first tour let’s say more than
three days on the road what do you what
what do you remember about that what’s
your strongest memory from from the
first tour so so yeah so Mike joined in
January and the first saw happened
when the the first pop album was
released with basic records in November
so I remember that because I was
still unsure if I wanted to go full-time
into music or not I decided which was
looking back it was a terrible idea but
I decided
to go and study acoustic science at the
University in Nepali actually so I don’t
know why I was just like I’m I’m kind of
into trying to make it into music but
I’m not sure I will
properly be successful so I’m just gonna
try and get a diploma but this just
didn’t make sense because I started
going to university and then I got hit
up in November I mean a bit before and
you know people from basic records and
all these guys were starting to talk
about a tour in November and I was like
oh but I’m going to university so so I
had to cut half of the tour because I
still wanted to go to university okay so
yeah did you go to university to be to
learn the the audio engineering stuff
yeah exactly
and it’s amazing how but I did the same
thing like I studied all your
engineering because I thought okay I
need to make some money and then you’re
there and you realize that you have that
it takes a lot of time to make money
from audio engineering as a musician it
makes total sense to go and study audio
engineering to make money besides music
yeah it really doesn’t make any sense
for me it made sense but the problem was
that I got a lot of shows in the middle
of of my school time know so I had to
choose either I go and play shows and I
miss University or I just cancel all the
shows and I get my diploma so opposed
this to this first – I had to cut her
off of the tour because I still wanted
to go and do my exams which I failed
because obviously I was spending my time
making music and not studying so this –
but it’s – was great where was it UK in
England yeah was great to a good start
it was actually a headline tour so you
know first or being headline funny yeah
you know in a different country it was
kind of cool for me to have this
opportunity as well you were Mike yeah
it was the two of you in a car or
obviously in a van and we were sharing
with this band called collisions I’m
sure they exist anymore that was about
like drum and bass and metal okay so an
interesting interesting lineup with yeah
interesting axe yeah I think the shows
were not so big right I remember London
was actually kind of cool but it was
like I don’t know argent hundred people
you know back in the day hundred London
that’s that’s that’s okay
it’s very cool yeah it’s very cool for
polar level I was at you know so so yeah
that was the first tool and then you you
did that thing for for a couple of years
like not knowing if you should go to
university did you get the degree in the
end or not no no I didn’t well what
happened because this diploma was just
one year but so I went on this tour in
November then I think in January or
February I got enough for Download
Festival in the UK which is huge
yes that’s the point I was like okay if
I can get this kind of festival I should
go full-time you know it means it means
I can do it so I just completely quit
University and focused on music
full-time from this point you know it’s
when I got the offer from Download
Festival and so you played download in
then yeah and did you move to
Cologne before I did right or was it the
same didn’t we move to Cologne the same
week I moved in I think okay
so so let’s jump to that point why why
did you move to Cologne and how how is
it to live with your manager
well yeah I have to think about it it’s
a long time ago it’s like three years
ago yeah I think it was just trying to
get to get something new like try
something new and I didn’t really know
where to go because I was still living
with my parents you know and I was like
I don’t really know what to do you know
it’s like I’m playing a lot of shows and
if I stay in top you know this really
small area there’s no airports and
Stephanie and I always have to get like
millions of trains and planes and stuff
so it’s not very practical so you know
going to Germany was like I was thinking
it’s in the middle of Europe almost like
and it’s really easy to you know is I go
to France I got UK or so it’s it’s a
great place to be when you’re musician a
touring musician I guess but it was a
test in the beginning right you were
just looking how it is and yeah and you
are you yeah you wrote your record in in
the next room like yeah in the same in
one months in one months in one month
and after that month you got signed to
one or Australia right yeah for this
record well just for this one and then I
I realized that you are four for a first
Central European musician you are a lot
in Australia like once or twice in two
years like you have just been to
Australia right yeah we told with
Voyager yeah under the the best times we
were touring there in actually what
time one time for a festival called big
day out which does not exist anymore and
another time with twelve foot Ninja as a
support so that’s three or four times
now so that’s written three times do you
do you get a lot of traction in in
Australia or is it just the label that
wants you there or are
a lot of people that want you there well
I think it’s neither of those things you
just want to be there I guess it’s it’s
very it’s obviously very easy for a band
like the algorithm to talk because it’s
just only two people and I don’t have so
much gear so one bands from Australia
are looking for bands from Europe to
tour with them they it’s it’s it’s a
good choice because they know we’re
cheap no like a cheap as in not
expensive not expensive you don’t you
don’t you only need two flights and you
only take two spaces of sleep eat eggs
and drive exactly and I think we over
the over the years and obviously with
foot Ninja and now with Voyager we are
pulling you know a few more people every
time so it’s like we can we can prove oh
but we’ve done Australia already so
maybe it may be a good idea to bring us
again yeah you know there’ll be people
that know us or invest some time in
there so another interesting really what
it was so interesting to me that you
played in Nepal mm-hm and the
experiences you and John told me were so
weird like can you can you tell a little
bit about Nepal whatever comes to your
mind it’s so interesting yeah there’s
another whole festival thing there’s a
lot of things about it the first thing
is obviously we were gonna play me and
John so and Jean I mean like me and the
drummer but what happened is Jean forgot
his passport in France
and then his family tried to send it
send it to Germany I remember there in
time and and it didn’t get it and so it
couldn’t come to Nepal with us so that
was the first thing like last minute I
learned that I was gonna play alone I
can work for everyone wondering Jean is
the drummer in the algorithm after Mike
so they had a he had they changed
switched positions just example were
people wondering who’s always sir joy
yeah drummer from France and obviously
this time in pocket is possible so we
fly we flew to Napa without the drummer
and then from what I remember we were
when this huge like residential area
whatever like it’s it’s a huge house
where all the bands was staying and were
you the only band from Europe no sick
who are playing the festival as well and
a band from Switzerland I can’t remember
exactly but it was like this huge I
don’t even know how to know what support
for it but it was kind of weird
and the people were really nice like the
promoters everyone was amazing it’s just
the experience was like such a culture
shock you know going in the street and
hearing all the horns like people are
driving like crazy over there it’s like
I don’t know if you’ve been to India or
this kind of countries like people are
all driving like it’s like going apeshit
with the cars it’s like you know owning
all the time and so it’s kind of crazy
to see that when you’re coming from like
Germany or France you know it’s it’s so
different and and yeah so it’s it was
like a shock and but a very interesting
experience and we had a lot of fun with
with sick and the people from metal how
many how many people were in the
audience like was it a big big festival
or how how is that how does that work
over there stare like can we can you
like is it it’s like download it’s not
like download right now there’s just one
stage is it
proper state or is it more punk-rock
approach no it’s a really big stage
actually it’s a lot bigger than what we
felt we would be seeing so this really
big stage open now and then you have a
really big area for the audience I think
that were like probably I don’t know
maybe , , people okay maybe I
don’t really know like something like
that so it’s crazy in Napa you know it’s
like what’s happening like Adam that I
don’t know I don’t know why there was so
many I think I know why
yeah it’s because I don’t have a lot of
shows over there right I don’t have a
lot of metal shows and so when something
like that is happening it doesn’t matter
which bands are playing I just go today
just coming yeah so how was the
organization like did they know anything
about organizing a concert in a western
style like or was it completely
different like than in Europe it was it
was actually surprisingly well done I
think it’s because the main guy behind
the festival traveled Europe I think it
might be from Switzerland as well okay
well it looked nopales maybe he lived in
Switzerland for a while I can’t remember
exactly but he’s like yeah this very
rich guy and then is he’s doing this
vessel on his own and so he knows what
he’s doing and because there’s a lot of
money invested in it I think they know
like they’d have good equipment they
have a lot of people walking so it’s
okay to have like security there were
like in the audience there were a few
guys that were in the mosh pit you know
as they were fighting each other and
because they don’t know how to behave in
mosh pits you know they’re never good to
metal show supposin maybe is just
fighting it doesn’t really understand no
no no they just think you have to fight
like but luckily there was security so
that’s a good thing you know it’s like
nothing with the atom is just so I was I
think it was pretty good
and the sound was good like everything
was was actually on point eyes and you
did some traveling as well like they
they showed you around and uh in the
Kathmandu area as well mmm yeah we we
went to this club at some points and we
got kind of drunk and then yeah which we
travelled around the city a lot it’s
very it’s very beautiful actually we
didn’t go to the mountains sadly how
long were you there
how long was the I think maybe five days
oh nice the festival was just one day so
we had a lot of time to actually visit
and do stuff and sleep because obviously
planes and jet lag and all of this so
that was right yeah and then yeah
what I wanted to talk about is a very
interesting thing that not a lot people
know about and that is the fact that we
both got declined to play the USA at the
same time you we both our bands burned a
lot of thousands of dollars on a visa
and here’s the information people you
don’t get the money back they don’t give
you but the money back and you’re losing
including flights you lose about mm a
person per person was that yeah same the
same amount with you guys yeah I think
in total maybe , that’s that’s what
we lost
obviously we’re only two people so yeah
yeah I think we we just it was roughly
at K was okay and that sucks late
all summer for this opportunity then
– without that with us it was two days
before we knew two days before the
flights we knew that we can’t go or –
yeah wasn’t the same with you like yeah
it was the same we were waiting for the
visa until the last time and even we
were willing to you know get some new
flights and miss like a few shows if the
visa arrived after the first show but it
didn’t happen the visa arrived way too
late and you got it in the end right you
got it yeah we actually got it I think
that’s the difference because you didn’t
get it we didn’t get it no they they
they didn’t decline but we didn’t get it
as well it was just to bring some bring
some darkness into this okay let’s go to
the next the next thing I got on my list
here why did you move to Berlin you’re
living in Berlin right now yeah I am is
it because you’re an artist I don’t
think there’s like one reason it’s just
like a bunch of stuff that happens at
the same time obviously I like
electronic music and Berlin as a lot of
electronic music and it’s not like a
cliche it’s actually true there’s like
so much stuff here so it’s very
interesting for someone like me and no I
still suck at German obviously yeah
which is kind of a lazy way to live but
I know because you’re basically not
living in Germany anymore yeah there’s a
different different breed of City yeah
that’s true that’s very different from
Germany I guess but yeah so it’s cool to
meet people from other one the world you
know it’s like I think it’s more like
the Viper was trying to define are you
inspired by the city itself like by the
the how it is does it inspire you
yeah it’s very interesting especially
these days I think in winter it’s kind
of horrible like well it’s not horrible
it’s just very sad and gray and so it’s
it’s very hard and I moved in around
winter so I got it here and I was like
ah this is so cold and gray but then
this day is because summer is is now
approaching what we in summer right now
so it’s everything you know get Sonya
and it gets everything gets beautiful
you know and I think it’s a very
beautiful city and there’s a lot of
interesting people and for musicians
it’s really good because there’s so many
musicians and there’s so much stuff you
can do like a lot of concerts but also
love workshops and they’re all in
English like I went to this Native
Instruments workshop the other day okay
and and they took everyone talks English
you know it was like was it over just
music no it was in in a club actually
okay but it was just just like a wall
trap so what do they do like new did
they new show you new crazy music
interfaces or what was it yeah obviously
they promote some of the new hardware
stuff but also they talk about like what
philosophy of for example looping in
music like you know why why we loop
music what what can we do with that and
so it’s very interesting there’s a lot
of talks from a lot of artists of
hardware you know engineer people so
it’s just like a bunch of talks and I
think it was really interesting as well
of stuff like that happening in the city
yet it has a lot to offer and I can I
can go to Berlin like three to four days
and after that it just it just me
off but yeah I haven’t been there for a
longer period in a long time I
we’re actually going to see Jamiroquai
in November cool in Berlin so we’re
there for three days I think it’s really
easy to get distracted when you live
here because as I said this is summer
self I think the same goes for Cologne
you can do something every day and
people are doing something every day and
everything’s happening every day yes and
it’s just yourself being like
disciplined not not doing stuff but we
are computer people and I for me it’s
not really hard to to not get distracted
by the outside world
I I have to fight myself to go out and
do something it’s actually is the same
for me then so you talked about like
when we started this minutes ago you
you started to talk about the twitch
thing you were doing yeah how did that
start you’re writing for what I’m
getting is you write two hours a day
on two days per week you’re going live
and you write a song yeah yeah yeah
how does that how did that that happen
how did that come to life yeah so the
idea is you know as you said write a
track in under two hours so at first I
wanted to do some kind of Syrian YouTube
you know and do like write a track in
minutes challenge or whatever but then I
started you know looking into to age and
I i watch streamers myself and I got
really interested in the way you know
they’re interacting with people and I
think it’s very dynamic and I really
like it so I was like okay why not I
want to try it and at first it’s really
hard because there’s some kind of
pressure you know knowing that people
are watching you walk it’s like right
yeah it’s it’s a weird pressure but the
more I’m doing it the more I’m getting
used to it and I like I like this
I like feeling that I’m getting better
at something and so that’s why I keep
doing it and
it’s it’s great because people can
interact in a lot of ways that can ask
questions they can suggest things to put
in the tracks sometimes it’s good ideas
sometimes it’s not you know but it’s
it’s very interesting to have this
conversation with people and they can
also you know get the track you know
they can donate money like they can even
donate one euro and get the track and
the project files and all of that so
it’s like they can directly contribute
to the world of the artist I guess
that’s very very interesting interface
between ya creator and people yeah and
I’m very interested in you know this
whole topic because I’ve been obviously
working with labels and managers yeah a
lot from the past now I’m actually alone
completely so okay for me
I’m the trial I kind of want to go more
in this direction of having no barrier
between the artists and the audience
because I think it’s much more
interesting like I read this interview
from the guy from volbeat the other day
and he was saying oh but now these days
is too much transparency between artists
and fans there’s we don’t have this you
know mystic mystical feeling anymore but
I don’t agree with him I think it’s
degree as well and that’s the that’s the
that’s a beautiful part about the world
we live in that it’s changing everyday
so you don’t have a you don’t need
someone between you and the audience
anymore you can just go and do it if you
wanted to start a TV show you can go do
it you can go shoot the TV show and put
it on YouTube you’re amazing you don’t
if you want to start a radio show you
can go start a podcast and if you want
to show people how you write a song in
two hours you can go just go and do it
in there if you they actually want to
give you money and that’s and you for
example are someone that proves all
those people wrong that say there’s no
money in music you just have to go get
it like you can make a living music
otherwise you would we would not be
because you would have died already it
wouldn’t be possible and so you’re doing
this twitch thing two times a week
that’s four hours of your entire week so
what are you what does your day look
like when you’re not not on the road
like what do you what is your daily work
like you don’t have a lot of stuff so I
like to do a lot of stuff and I try to
have some sort of list of things I do
every day so these days I’m walking on
this soundtrack for example I’m doing a
Twitter stream if you know if I had
something well let me rephrase it okay
because I have a lot of projects at the
same time I had to schedule my days in
specific ways so today I know that I’m
doing a stream but also I have to work
on the soundtrack also I’m working on
this side project which is kind of like
electronic focused project so it’s like
I have so many things at the same time
and it I need to to say today I’m doing
two or three things maximum yeah
prioritize your work load yeah so I
spend most of my days in front of the
computer is a writing music or you know
improving my website or sending mails or
trying to get walk I guess I’m trying to
learn more about programming because I
want to get into programming or just
software else as well okay so but I’m
not doing I’m doing everything kind of
at the same time and it can get really
difficult to focus on something so
that’s why I try to do a few things per
day but do them every day does that make
sense yeah absolutely makes sense
because everyone working from like
working from home is a hard thing to do
because you are responsible for your
you’re responsible for your focus and
you decide you focus
and sometimes it’s really hard because
at the end of the day you can’t really
see what you have done
it’s just once and zeros somehow yeah
and it’s that’s why it’s great to have
like a list again this change I think
it’s just couldn’t live without lists
yeah I mean is like when I don’t do
lists I end up not doing anything or I
feel like I haven’t done anything
it’s it’s weird okay so I have a couple
of like don’t do this to your band
questions okay I I just named it like
that so what would you tell your year
younger self it doesn’t have anything to
do with with your band or your project
but what would you tell you our year
younger self what would that be I guess
to not start smoking no I quit smoking
like three years ago but I think it
me up a little bit when I was in
my early s
apart from that yeah just trying to get
more into healthy lifestyle because I
think I’ve only recently realized how
important it is you know I used to not
care so much about food or you know
smoking alcohol or sports or anything
like that and as I get older I’m like oh
it actually matters so when are you
born yeah so we’re the same age I
think about death everyday to be honest
yes and I think it’s weird for a lot of
people to hear but I’m actually thinking
about death every day and that’s the
reason for a lot of actions for me
because you’re dying and that’s that’s
the most motivational sentence out there
for me you’re dying and that’s it yeah I
get what what you’re trying to do with
your time I think I feel the same thing
that’s like that’s that’s the quarter of
the year
okay I think I’m always really anxious
to like thinking about myself in ten
years and thinking oh I hope I will feel
that I have done things with my life
yeah oh why not when I die like I was
really anxious about that which is at
the same at the same time it can be a
great tool to motivate myself but also
it’s like a very sad and depressing
thing depends on how you think about it
yeah it depends on on days and yeah the
mood the weather I guess so
next next thing what makes you angry or
disappointed about other like upcoming
upcoming artists or other upcoming
people like what what do you think sucks
well you don’t have to you don’t have to
call names yeah I wouldn’t call names no
like what do you think do people do
wrong well there’s other things it’s
actually a lot of things I didn’t think
about the answers well I think there’s
one thing like especially in them like
in this style other than making which is
like fusion of genres and trying to you
know bridge the gaps between yonghwa’s
and stuff I see a lot of artists trying
to do the same thing but they explicitly
are like oh hey guys I’m doing gen step
or I guess I’m doing trap def core it’s
like that’s not how you do it
you should just make music and stop
advertising it as one general because if
you’re trying to break generous and why
are you trying to make a new one it
doesn’t make any sense doesn’t make any
sense that that brings me to an to
another question with which is not in
this segment but I think French artists
are really really different from from
the rest of the world let’s say okay and
it feels like there were never any
boundaries in French French music French
French art French artists and what what
do you think why that is like you take
for example deaf punk mm-hmm and they
were like big people for electronic
music but no one can recreate what they
are doing because they are so unique
and if I watch even in black metal or
extreme metal if I compare not let’s not
say compare but if I look at French
black metal bands they are way more
artistic artistic and they are French
people French music and artists just way
more interesting do you know why it is
or do you have an answer to that do you
guys just enjoy life more
yeah it’s I can’t really I can’t really
tell but I mean I know what you mean but
I can’t really explain why but I think
there’s like some sort of sensibility
that you specifically like and because
there’s obviously France has a lot of
culture or like yeah I love history
there’s a lot and so it’s I think it’s
easy to for the French people to kind of
bring all of these culture and all this
knowledge that we have into something
and yeah I don’t know French people just
express themselves differently
yeah it’s also I think this research
like this will to do something that will
be unique that’s a lot of times well the
French artists are trying to do that
like it’s part of the process trying to
be unique you know they want to be
different I think that yeah that’s the
answer if you look at under exams in
Germany they they don’t want to be
different and I don’t get it why don’t
you want to be different that’s the
whole thing about making art yes I just
want to do is something that alike like
exactly is the same immunity a lot of
French bands also
doing that you know I think it’s not
specifically only German dance or
whatever but the successful French bands
a lot of times yeah they’re trying to
bring something new they’re trying to be
brave I guess yeah it’s amazing like
that’s the let’s appoint people be
different do something different or
don’t do it like do something different
yeah what would you say you did wrong
like in your in a musical in a music
sense in your project could you would
you point something out where you say I
would have done that differently I mean
I’m not very happy with my music videos
okay I respect the work done by the
video guy we shot Ochs is done videos
fall for me I will really respect his
book and I think he’s done a great walk
but like the the artistic direction I
think I don’t really relate to it so
much and it kinda feel like cringe now
thinking about it you know I totally
so and you know the artistic direction
in the beginning like I didn’t really go
as far as I wish I would have gone so
but you know it’s it’s all like mistakes
that make me learn now and hopefully
what I’m doing in the future will
reflect more than what I’m really trying
to do yeah yeah and that fits the next
question but are there things that you
wish you would have done earlier like
starting to twitch earlier starting to
do live streams or I don’t know is there
something you wish you would have done
earlier I’ve been playing guitar live
like playing instruments live because I
was thinking about it for since the
beginning right since the beginning I
was thinking about playing guitar on
stage but I didn’t do it because I
thought I was bad guitarist so I thought
I just could not do
and I was actually scared and I think
this fear fear of other people’s point
of view yeah it doesn’t make sense and
it got me a really long time before I
did it and you know it’s not perfect and
especially in the beginning it was not
perfect but now I feel like oh but if I
started in the beginning it’s like all
this time it’s knife eel like I wasted a
little bit of my early days just because
I was scared of it yeah I totally
understand that with the program I’m
doing right now I wanted to do this five
years ago yeah okay
I have random questions for you too okay
because they’re random which animal
which animal would you be and why
just one oh I think it would be a Doug
because I love dogs and I think that I
would love to be a dog and play with
other dogs and amazing okay yeah what
what was your first drunk memory
my first drunk memory yes what do you I
I don’t I don’t remember most of it but
I was in this party it was like in in
the forests in the summer okay and we
were all so young and I don’t know what
happened like we’re just drinking and
playing guitar really bad and just
talking and I remember that at some
point I got lost and I ended up in a
parking lot for some reason and it was
like in the middle of the night and I
was like what am I doing here
and then I don’t know it took me such a
long time to find the party again no I
spent most of my nights just looking for
the party actually but I was already
really drunk
ok so it’s a it’s a confused memory yeah
ok do you have a point of view that
other people think is really weird and
an opinion on something or something
that you you think about it that way and
you are absolutely sure that everyone
thinks that this is weird
ok well it’s I know that a lot of people
don’t think like that but I’ve sometimes
when I tell people that I spend most of
my time in front of the computer and
walking at home some people that don’t
understand that and maybe they think I’m
just doing nothing you know so it’s it’s
sometimes hard to explain what I’m doing
to people I can’t explain as well it’s
not possible because most % of the
people that are even asking what you are
doing you they won’t understand they
won’t understand what you tell them yeah
don’t let them get the points you’re
doing naívi yeah what is the first
thing you do in the morning or I drink
water and coffee yeah that’s weird this
really random okay so what are you what
do you like about living in Germany and
what do you miss about living in France
so if there was one thing you could take
from France into Germany like one fact
or one one superglue or something
anything well I miss I miss going to a
party and just being able to talk with
everyone in French in my native language
because here I would go to parties and
surfing but I have to talk English and
sometimes people they don’t really talk
English because I German and
they don’t need to because I live in
Germany so it’s like
me so sometimes I would miss that like
this is really like living in a
different country it’s it is not always
easy and this is part of why it’s
because of this language barrier so I
guess that’s what I miss the most
like the French if feeling really free
with with like my with language yeah
because I can’t speak English with
people and I think I’m talking pretty
good English but it’s just sometimes I
still miss for being able to talk French
because it’s much more fluid and
obviously yeah for me I actually I
discovered a website for problems like
that which is called do you
know that oh yeah I’ve gone to a few
meet ups
oh me too that’s I think it’s amazing
have you had good good experiences well
the ones I went to wear are like for
video game developers okay it’s like a
bunch of talks about video game maybe
you should just start a forget party or
something small baking yeah that’s a
good idea right French music producer
Meetup and that’s no one is talk no one
is allowed to talk about music I think
you will get you I think you would get
some people in Berlin for that it’s a
really good idea so I’m I’m out of
questions thank you very very very much
for doing this I really a problem who do
you think I should have on this podcast
anyone you you you would want to hear
myself hear me talk to you can try you
know ego the the black metal Bach
electronic weird guys I didn’t have him
in mind it’s really interesting yeah
okay I think you can talk with him a lot
about like this French thing a
sensibility thing you talking about yeah
it’s a really cool guy nice I will I
will try that it’s very very fascinating
French artists and tell my hour
audience where they can find you where
do you want people to go web so yeah
Twitter on my websites on Facebook on
twitch YouTube as well oh yeah I’m also
streaming on YouTube now because I
realize I can do it at the same time so
if people don’t want to sign up for an
account on twitch they can also just
watch a live stream on YouTube now
yeah super cool yeah messy very much
yeah no problem man hey a short thank
you for listening to this I really
appreciate it and it means a lot to me
this is huge for me so if you liked it
give it a -star if you really liked it
give it a five star your word-of-mouth
is very important to me and if you loved
share with your friends and let me know
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