Here’s my Studio Setup 2017 – This is in our old home in Düsseldorf. But i didn’t change a thing when we moved back to cologne later that month.


Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂


good morning it is a friday morning people have been asking questions about
my setup and I thought why not just show everyone so yeah let’s go okay so this
is my machine right now in a massive session this is songwriting this is
becca guitars this is main guitars this is drums and bass this is drum channels
so we should start right here this is my mac pro quad-core gigabytes of
ram two terabyte for storage and a gigabyte SSD for the system this is my
ilok for all of my plug-in licenses and protools license so yeah this is a
machine I’ve been I wanted this for a long time so when I had the money I
invested it in this one so i can keep office tasks on my mac on my laptop and
all the production on this one this is my ibanez RG a prestige which i’m riding
with right now this is a drop be this is the worst humming or the worst noise
canceller i have ever used it is a shame that i’m doing this to my guitar but
yeah it’s not the main focus of this video so this is my
machine as ice as I told you next step would be my interface say focusrite
saffire pro it’s just what I need and I’ve been running this for I guess two
years now this is the monitor volume for my monitor the truth is the preamps that
I actually don’t use because i’m running digital we are going to go to this in a
second this is then it’s the worst k whatever but if I re-amp sessions that
are above . kilohertz I have to either convert or be um or be use the
analog out of the kemper so that’s this little wreck that I’ve put myself this
is the tuner that I’m running all the time so I can tune without touching
anything this is just power control this controls the computer this is for that
rack this is just light this is I had a nine volt converter in the back of this
so I could run any effects or if someone comes and has effects that he wants to
run through I already have a power supply going on and I would run a cable
from the back of this to the front so you could just put your effects to
wherever um this is for
this ugly situation here where I put stuff in there’s my netbook charger that
comes out of here this is a hang hanger for my headphones open boxes headphones
so we got that covered this does nothing this is my midi keyboard but i never use
because i’m just doing all the programming with this track ball and I I
don’t need anything else I don’t need faders I don’t need I’m all I’m all good
with that one so I run this for exam if when I’m when I want to cover a guitar
leads with some samples like I’m there’s a guitar lead going on and you would
want to play the same with strings or any synthesizers I can just do it here
but I don’t even do that i program it because I’m just used to it this is a
regular mac keyboard I’ve been all wireless but I hated the battery
situations so I drill the hole in there and I think for audio this looks so
filthy shit I think for audio if you don’t have a numeric keypad you’re lost
I would be lost I use this a lot a record metronome backward forward loops
I so my right hand would switch here and for all the editing I have the keys here
i bought these stickers for euros I guess back when I studied
and these have been a big help because Pro Tools is hell there’s so many
shortcuts if you know all of them you’re a king and you will be fast as hell so
this desk is this desk has been modified a lot of times I’ve built various weird
constructions on this and I have tried various monitoring stuff and flat
screens I had a TV I had I tried a lot of stuff so what I did in the end and
I’m hit my I’m quite happy with this DIY situation right now I just got rid of
the stand for this monitor and I took these things and lean it against it so
out of my mixing situation position I have a perfect view on that it’s not too
high it’s not too low and if I ever buy a desk that’s built for audio it’s going
to be hard to be better than this I mean it’s going to be it’s going to look way
better but like with the heights of everything and the how things are put I
think I reached the perfect perfect momentum I I guess it could it could get
better but I’m really happy with this right now and I have been tweaking the
setup for two years so there’s all the stuff with the writing and cutting stuff
I try not to do any office tasks on this desk but it’s hard so there’s a pic
collection so I never run out of pics so these are Roman KH a monitors
placed on these not very suitable things that should prevent from vibrating the
desk but this desk is still vibrating so I have to come up with a better solution
I tried stands in the back it done it didn’t work for me and this is my guitar
rack which we’re not going to discuss there is a nice rug there’s Chewbacca I
and little star wars things that my girlfriend gave me she gives me these
for Christmas birthday or occasionally and it’s really fun to build them it’s
really small hand metalwork zero my absorbers so let’s go into the camper to
interface situation right now this is the back we are and we are right we’re
moving in three weeks so these bass traps are placed on these things that
don’t really do what they should but it’s all in the purpose of mixing so
welcome to hell this is my seagate one terabyte drive that I’m slowly bringing
out of the system because I’m backing up to a cloud this is the -volt thing that
I talked about this is a MIDI cable in case of MIDI situations this is the back
of my power switch thing this is the door to the bedroom which is
not working anymore because I’m doing guitar riffs in here and this is my
power cable organizing I mean I know what’s going on in there it may look
like chaos to anyone else but there’s a plugs number this is number one so this
goes to number one and this power is my computer and I monitor then we have
number two as you can see this is my interface and the kemper then we have
number six and these are dedicated to my studio monitors left and right and
there’s cables going from left to right you would never expect having this many
cables in such a minimalistic setup but that’s what happens if you choose one of
the most expensive things to do in the world we have a USB hub in there we have
the midi keyboard we have the monitor cable we have some power cables and this
all I’m Gomez so let’s go back here and this is where everything happens so this
is the back of my Kemper and this is my sapphire pro so this is the SPF in and
out which go to the SPF in and out of the kimber what I can do here is I can
play the wet signal and the DI signal at the same time into my interface in two
dedicated channels and that’s I don’t have a audio digital conversion I guess
you could hear it but I really don’t care I am I have a minimalist approach
to this if I can to do if I can do two things
with one cable instead of two cables I’m going to go with one cable this is the
in case I’m going analog i’m using this one that goes to the front of my
interface this is the tutor that is on the other side of this oreck station
this is the USB is the power plug obviously this is if I want to re-amp
analog from this output to there but I’m saving this as well because I can do it
by the digital interface and this is the alternative input just for reasons of
looking clean this is going to the guitar sometimes the alternative input
has more noise than the front input and I don’t know why if you know it let me
know and that’s basically it