Hey you’re here. Controversial titles seem to work. But i’m actually serious. I’m not the expert or life guru but i’m trying to pass on a feeling here.

Not giving a fuck is a skill. And there’s a fine line between becoming an actual asshole and spiritual freedom. (I’m just gonna call it like that now)

What I say is you shouldn’t give a fuck about other peoples point of view. You shouldn’t lose your empathy though. You should grow it instead and become an emotional ninja :).

If you are an artist and you care about other people’s judgement then you’re not an artist. You are in fact influenced by their opinions and because you are afraid of making a fool out of yourself. -> Its not art anymore. But thats a whole different rabbithole.

Not giving a fuck in the right style is giving you space in your brain and then you can actually evolve ideas, be creative AS HELL and enjoy life more.

Because: go ask your grandmother. Do it. Pick up the phone and ask her if she would have chosen to just start not giving a fuck about other peoples opinions when she was 25. Because she’s going to tell you YES most of the times. Their wiseness and experience and years of living taught them that it actually does not matter at all and you’re better off if you just do what you love and don’t give a fuck about other people’s point of view.

And this applies to how you treat your band in the business perspective.

Try things. Don’t give a fuck.

Stand in the doorway after your show and SHAKE EVERYONE’S HAND when they leave the location and thank them for being here and spending their free time for you.

You’re going to catch hate from the other bands. But you know what? You don’t give a shit and people will remember this and they will tell their friends.

This is the book i mention in the Video.

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Just don’t give a fuck and do amazing shit.


(I highly suggest that you go watch old GWAR interviews, they are masters in this.)

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂


you literally have to stop giving a fuck about what anyone thinks of you and you
will judges your decisions or judges your behavior as in as an artist
especially if these are people that you really don’t give a fuck about like you
don’t want to hear that opinion at all but you’re going to get their opinion
it’s going to happen and if you don’t stop caring about what they say you’re
going to end up probably you’re not going to end up anywhere you’re just
going to stay where you are and go backwards because I think there’s no
stagnation in life you have to go forward or you go backward okay so let
me explain I’m not telling you to tell anyone to go fuck themselves or to tell
your partner or your mother or your dad or I mean if you have to tell them to go
fuck themselves I okay but I mean look at look at bands
that like release sex toys or fans started brewing their own beer which
people called sellouts and everything but I mean you can you can judge that
however you want but if those bands which are big now and did crazy stuff
earlier and are still doing crazy stuff and people thought they’re crazy stuff
sucks but what they actually did they didn’t give a fuck about any opinions
about any of anyone they just they just did it they just tried it they just they
just gave it a chance I mean if you want to be successful you have to raise your
rate of failure your ratio from failure to win has to be like this much lose and
trying and then you’re going to want to have to hit a hundred times knowing that
you may lose nine to nine times and you’re doing it for the one win because
you know it’s because you know it’s going to be successful look at the
banjos like before I before I even knew them they released sex toys and I
thought it was awesome but of course they got shit shit loads of bullshit
come bullshit everything those that band
plays arenas now it’s good I highly suggest you to just try stuff and and if
it fails just go to the next thing and if you get bad you go to the next thing
and do the next thing and to the next thing and you never stopped doing new
stuff not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks what you’re doing and this
is a positive message and I really want to empower you to try stuff and go out
there and be curious and try new things that I don’t even think about I mean
with a with fucking guy we we sent out postcards to anyone that fought or
something no matter where he’s from no matter if I I thought I was to start a
bed right now and I handle merged myself I would send a postcard or a gift to any
customer that ever ordered something to anyone that I haven’t addressed if I
have someone in the US I will find out this address and I would go to
amazon.com and I will order something for him because do it just do if you
think about golfers don’t overthink it it may bring you profit or your makes
you happy or it brings you success or you know I just want people people ask
me about how they can be more famous or more or get more exposure and and I I
keep saying it’s just patience you can’t you can’t put one thing out and wait for
two years it’s not going to happen it’s still going to take two years but
you have to grind those two years to buy it if I would have if I would have given
a fuck about what people think I’m you really want to do something and you want
to you want to express yourself and you want to bring you your project or you
whatever it is you want to bring it to the next level you really have to let go
other people’s plb because it’s holding so many people back from from what they
are doing like doing this I had to stop giving a fuck about what anyone thinks
and there are people out there that don’t like what I do but but what can I
do I can just I can just continue putting this stuff out and because
that’s my I’m scratching my itch that’s what I want to do
so I’m passionate about that’s what I’m like I had I played shitty bands and I
hated it absolutely I hate the process I wanted
to stop and I wanted to be famous or I know which has by the way more downsides
than upsides for a lot of people um that’s just a
game be patient be curious try stuff do stuff in the end you’re years old
you’re probably some of us are going to be years old but in the end you’re
years old and you’re sitting there you can barely walk and then you realize
fuck I have to listening to everyone else in the world but myself and that’s
where I don’t want to end up and I love the process so much and I want to share
this that the second you actually realize that you don’t give a fuck about
what anyone thinks of your actions it feels like you’re Unchained you’re
like actually you can do whatever you want and you can try whatever you want
you can of course lose your reputation like I want I want other people to have
this feeling that’s why I’m so passionate about it’s why I’m moving my
hands so much into yep love your parents love your family their opinions are shit
so many times you’re going against them just for the sake of going against them
and you’re going to tell them later that they were right back then and it’s not
going to be like in a way that the game’s freedom for you for your brain so
you can you can have ideas and express them and turn them into subsystems such
fuckin serious don’t give a fuck it’s not going if you’re living life on terms
of someone else you’re it’s not going to be great hey before you head out you can
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