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  • Be on time. The time that the tour manager told you to be there. If you’re stuck in traffic – let her/him know immediately. And it is not okay to say that you would’ve had to pay extra for that on your phone bill. Just do it. 
  • End your soundcheck before your soundcheck time is over. Your vocal delay is not as important.
  • Don’t leave your shit lying around. Ask their backline technician or the local technician where you can put your stuff.
  • Play your show – Don’t play an encore – pack your shit together in five minutes and load it into your car. (The time that you’ve been given on the day sheet is the time you should calculate an encore in. It is your timeframe to do whatever you want on stage.)
  • Don’t eat the vegan food if you’re not vegan. It’s there for a reason.
  • If there are any special snacks – ask if they’re reserved before you have them.
  • If the headliner’s drinks are down to just 3 or 4 then it is definitely not a good idea to have one of them. Don’t even ask. Be professional. Ask the promoter if you can have some drinks. You can do it.
  • If you’re not told to – don’t hang out in the headliner’s backstage room. It’s their living room for a month or more. They want to skype with their wifes and kids or do some other stuff you would normally do at home. Don’t expect anyone to do something funny or say something cool at any point ever.
  • If you’re sharing a room together, give them alone time before and after the show unless they say they wouldn’t care. You may or may not have experienced that they’re probably doing the same to you before and after your show.
  • Don’t be drunk idiots. (Yes i have been a drunk idiot many times.)
  • Don’t stand in technicians feet on stage or at the front of house desk. Watch the show like everyone else would watch a concert. From the audience. (It’s the best)
  • Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you. – Make sure to ask if you can be of any help. (90% Answer: “No we’re good, thanks for asking my friend”) But there is something to keep in mind – NEVER LET SOMEONE MAKE YOU THEIR BITCH. (This is something different.)
  • Yes – it’s a special day for you. Everyone knows that. And they have been there themselves. But please understand that for the headliner it’s just another day. Some people may not be very nice to you. If they’re not portuguese, italian, spanish, or south american – they will probably not smile at you at every eye contact just because you do so because you’re excited. This has nothing to do with you. Never. You never know what people’s mornings are like. As i said – it’s just a normal day.
  • Don’t be disappointed if the main band’s guitarist is not into gear talk. It’s the most boring thing to talk about for a lot of people. And no. They do not care what gear, string gauge or picks you play. So do not show off your gear ever. (As stated earlier – pack it away as early as possible).
  • Most people will very likely show you how a nightliner looks from the inside. But – Just save the time and watch Youtube videos about it.
  • Obey.
  • to be continued.

Some of these factors change drastically if you’re actually friends with the main band. But assume that you’re not.

Don’t try to be cool, don’t try to be extreme and don’t try to be a rockstar.

No one


a shit. 

BE professional and be yourself. Be nice and people will be nice.

You will make some friends.

That’s guaranteed.

If you’re normal then everything is normal. No one will say thank you to you if you’re normal. It’s like getting an award for taking a shit. 

But if you’re an idiot – this will backfire x10.