In my hand full of jobs as a festival backline technician – which means that you take care of the backline (guitar amps, drumkits,..) that the festival provides – i have seen a lot of bands just not sending in a technical rider prior to the festival.

They think they are “just not at the level yet” to hand in a rider or even REQUIREments. But they’re shooting themselves in the foot and sometimes even endanger their on-stage time. Which makes their life worse and sometimes – ours.

For example because they are an 11 piece jungle-fusion african half-ethnic albino softpunk band and need weird instruments in weird places in weird angles.

In this YouTube-Video (which is roughly 20 minues long) i’m showing how to put together a VERY SIMPLE rider and i provide templates for both mac and windows or whatever users.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂


hello so as you have probably read in the title today we are going to write a
rider together the reason for that is last weekend I was managing running a
stage with a friend of mine and there was this band from Cuba or I don’t know
some country where they probably don’t know better but it was the only band
that didn’t didn’t send in a proper rider so a rider is it’s really
important because it tells people at the venue upfront what you
need, who you are, what you do, if your fancy, your input list your how many
outputs do you have like what’s happening do you have extreme samples
going on do you have a do you have health of the studio with you on the
stage do you have three guitar players do you have two bass players something
if something do local people and the venue at the location they want to know
that so they can prepare what’s happening so they didn’t send any
backline requirements so and it was the last day of the festival we were already
I was already starting packing up the backline but it did really pack it away
because if there’s a band coming in from an African country or Cuba the musicians
are from Cuba Cuba and the singer was from from Congo or something some
African African land doesn’t matter they were great people but they didn’t bring
any backline so they had to explain us and very interesting English how what
they need what they play how it looks like with what stuff they need so um and
we set it up I give you another example and this is from my friend Oliver which
is hey Oliver and so I experienced this a
lot and there are bands that come up to gigs that don’t communicate their
backline requirements or they can’t bring anything which I talked about in
another video so you go there and you don’t have an amp and then you ask the
guy off the band that’s playing after you and if he says no doesn’t make him
an asshole because he doesn’t have to explain himself if he says no and you
can’t borrow his amp because it wasn’t communicated and you can’t come up to
him like five minutes before the show I really understand if you’re angry at him
give a lot of small bands think we’re a small band we don’t need a writer and I
highly advise you to to write a writer no matter how big you are or how small
you think you are or how small you actually are and it doesn’t matter if
there are only people at your gig imagine a show with people that’s
unprepared versus a show with people that’s prepared and the prepared one is
always going to win please just do it fill it out tell people what’s happening
you sent us to the promoter centers so he can send it to the technical crew so
you know just that everything is happening it doesn’t matter if you just
two guys with one acoustic guitar so they jump right into this computer I’m
going I’m going to show you how you can set up a very simple writer it is and
you’ve got to get a template for me that is okay so I’m going to make this as
realistic as possible for everyone so here we have your fan name here or your
logo if your fucking cool and the main contact is Peter Griffin that would be
you Spooner Street sick sick called the u.s.a
and please type in your email even if you are sending this in an email please
put your email inside so if the promoter prints this and gives it to the local
technician and he only has this piece of paper because people tend to still print
a lot of stuff yes he has your email so your email is your birthday of course
and please please put your phone number and if there’s any last-minute stuff
they have your phone number so they can call you can put this on the right side
so it’s a little fancy we have a travel party imagine the assistant of the
promoters getting this and she’s getting it printed as well of course because we
all have smartphones and we so we need paper I’m really hate paper so we have a
travel party that is for musicians and let’s say let’s say you have one a guy
for merge and a guy for sound video whatever to crew a lot of venues
festivals and promoters miss-take musicians and crew and this is not cocky
please don’t tell yourself that you are too small dance to write this if you if
I have small bands in my stage and they give me this I think this is fucking
professional and I you you’re your monkey mind already treats them
different so well so there are people that mistake the musicians and crew
thing because you’re kind of old school and I don’t know x you got that so we
have a travel party so they know there are six people coming of course Peter is
part of those four they do have a booking agency you you should put the
contact up here as well but right now we’re going to go with
is so the four musicians are Peter and the two crews are bright much and I know
a lot of you guys don’t have front-of-house people but some promoters
are really fancy in case of they write your names on the backstage passes I
really don’t get it but you will already have this upfront so there is no
unnecessary emails going from A to B and from B to C and then person X is coming
you know what I’m talking about so you have the travel party so people know
who’s coming what are you traveling with parking and
loading so needing a class sometimes they will provide a parking space for
you for and the entire duration of the so you could say you need two people to
help loading but what do the times they’re just standing around – you don’t
really need them so let’s jump to the next point which is catering and here
people tend to get tend to write really nice stuff because a lot of people in
the promoters industry tend to not give a fuck but here in Germany it’s really
great but there’s places like the UK and probably other places though I never
played the US but I guess he’ll so say look and often at that’s fine beyond
reason and art well if you are on tour you could you could try and write stuff
like that you’re not that you’re happy about not eating pasta all day every day
and you’ll be happy about not eating vegan
vegan chili which is I don’t know why this is such an there’s so much easier
stuff and more awesome stuff to cook but hey so for dinner please provide three
vegetarian one vegan and two carnivore meals so just write this for making
things easier so you can focus on playing your concert what you are
actually there for so um for drinks so that drink is of drinks the weird thing
because so too early in their career they think they should order way too
many drinks I guess people just want to drink but
let’s just keep it simple and not complicated like we dis we need dad but
we need filtered water and for stage we only drink fiji water but after sure we
don’t drink fiji water after show we need this and that line and i don’t know
there there are local bands that get this fancy because they think they can
but actually no one gives a fuck so drinks is i don’t know why but rings
it’s a level way where people measure the rider that what is so for drinks for
this bed this for Peters band we will have completely put ear and it’s not so
that you are writing this doesn’t mean that this is what’s going to happen I’d
say it brings you % of it yeah I will get you and for this for force the stage
I forgot one thing so what are you going to do with the rooms please
so far the rooms please provide one safe room with power Wi-Fi and sitting for at
least six persons that is like the bare minimum sometimes don’t get Wi-Fi
sometimes get Wi-Fi Germany is a weird place but if you’re like in the
Netherlands or Poland or Austria basically anywhere except Germany you
will probably get this but write it in there so it’s there’s again like an %
chance that you’re going to get it and show us the shower and facilities upon
arrival so you don’t have to ask maybe they’ll do it maybe they don’t you can
look into people’s heads but if you write it it’s your talked about it and
that’s good so for the stage please provide five small towels
so please show us the shower and authorities upon arrival and if it’s
possible already handle six towels for the shower catering we talked about that
if you’re not able to provide us with proper meals please hand as a buyout a
buyout is basically if they don’t have food
here’s cash so don’t get some food please hand out other buyout off
whatever you want don’t put fifty euros in there don’t do
it maybe spies like keep it keep it to your
level you know for the stage please provide five small towels for some beds
it’s mandatory for some it’s not everyone’s different someb and sweat
like hell yeah let’s just get to the next point which is the stage or you can
you can actually do a whole new headline this is
Technical Writer now this sounds like big big boy stuff but at this point we
should do a stage plot Peters of course playing drums and other killers playing
bass revelation other Peter is sending less of drums and this is a DRM and this
is a base and prophetic language this was their tango so and everyone’s saying
everyone is singing also use that for electronics and the singer just into
Stampin Up instead so people can they have an idea so if you go there they
will probably already put power here power here power here power here and
powerful the drummer because drummers are the people that bring all the sample
pads and everything so and if you you want you can put the monitors here
monitor to for everyone which is a good thing to have but it doesn’t really
matter okay I totally put five miners here
still the dominant one we have two for the singer so there’s things right so
implement for the guitar player and one for the for the bass player so you can
put notes in there this is it so here after stage flood and
I mean sometimes people play the guitar ends here or here or here
just give them a basic idea of what’s going on and just screenshot this here
you can see the stage plot what’s going on and then you can go and be what was
point effect thank you this is so basic like you show up there and this is what
it would it’s already be on stage and no one no one is going to ask you where you
need power or wait don’t need power or what you need and what you don’t need so
you’re gonna cut with the writer you’re gonna cut a lot of questions and answer
and this is this thing flies your time no one needs to ask you anything so they
wouldn’t have to but they do because we’re human and we communicate so the
next thing what you can do even if you don’t have a sound engineer you can you
could put an input list and io which means ends in an output please refer to
the input list on the next site on the next page so we are going to add a table
let’s say we have we have channels or things on stage this is the channel
this is the instrument and this this is for your engineer or if you are an
engineer yourself and you’re too cool for school or something you can write
two microphones in there which I probably not gonna use you don’t have a
known engineer so this is the mic and but we’re not going to fill those out
right now and here you can just write insert for
example do they want a compressor in the channel do they want the EQ enabling the
channel or something you can give them notes your sound guy can write the notes
or if you leave these empty and the local sound guy gets this table he’s
going to be happy because he can take notes in there so um let’s do one so if
you arrive people already know that you will have a computer or any device that
place music out of it and they need to connect it to the
mixing desk in front of house so they already know that no one needs to
communicate because it’s already like it’s going to happen and that’s how it
is at least right that’s efficient enough of the I just it we letting it
run look like that cool so you have this and this is a really basic three-page
writer that you can send out if you play a show and people just know what’s going
on but please bands of any size make a writer and make it accurate and keep it
simple okay you can download this down here and if
you any people share back line please communicate this to the end like where
it’s absolutely clear who’s playing which back line and who’s playing what
drum kit and whose drum kit it is and what’s going to happen if you crack the
skins and or something like that please just if you’re playing a festival please
let them know what you need and tell them that you need something like a Mesa
dual rectifier that you need something like an MPEG SVD that you need something
like a Yamaha birch birch maple super kids with inch bass drum tell them
the sizes of your toms if you agreed on them providing cymbals please
tell them what symbols to symbols to use inch crash is inch crashes if you
order it and you play on a festival the chances are high that it’s going to
stand there if not if you’re let’s say you’re flying in somewhere bring your
own cymbals bring your own kick kick pedals bring bring your guitars and tell
them tell them what amps you would like to play
and probably they will have something that will suit your situation if you
wonder about something in your head in regards of playing a show just ask just
ask them there’s nothing you can’t ask really okay thank you