I understand that you want to share with the whole world that you’re playing in your hometown. But i hate to break it to you.

If you want to let the whole world know you’re unfortunately shooting yourself in the foot. Because Facebook will give you a hard time doing so.

In this Video i’m going to tell you how you can avoid this by targeting the right people for the right posts and what the exact problem is.

Thank you for watching and caring.

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People have asked me how they can enable this function.

So here’s how you can enable the preffered audience button or how to enable audience restrictions. ,

1. Click “settings” located just under your Page’s Cover Photo.
2. Choose “General” from the tabs on the left.
3. Locate “Audience optimization for posts” and configure the settings to allow a preferred audience.
4. Click “Save Changes”

Screenshot and tutorial from Facebook Business.


welcome back to the YouTube channel I am
back recording videos so as you might
have read another title I want to talk
to you about something that you have to
think about before you post to Facebook
and this is targeting I talked about
targeting before but in another sense in
another context so what I want to okay
let me put it Larry put it this way so I
see bands from Germany or from Belgium
or any any country with with an
languages that is not English so if you
play a show in Stuttgart and you’re a
band from Germany that speaks German
there are gonna be german-speaking
people at the show in Stuttgart so you
want to use the audience restrictions
button which is a little target thing on
the below your post so what you can do
is you can restrict this post to people
that live in this city with a
kilometer kilometer radius so only
these people can see your post and you
have to understand that on Facebook
everything is about News Feed real
estate so you don’t want to bother a fan
from Venezuela having this information
about a show and Sturken
if he wants to cure this charity he’s
going to thinking like if that person is
passionate enough about your music to
fly from Venezuela to stood guard to see
a show for me he will know anyway he
will find out how to do it and he can
use the translate button to translate
your German news so if your German band
or in playing suit guard or
belgian band playing in brussels and
then you can of course just target the
audience there with the city within a
kilometer radius and just speak to them
in their language or if you’re an
english-speaking band playing in England
or America it doesn’t matter but the
point is that your post will only be
news feeds where it’s relevant to be
what’s that a sentence I don’t know but
I hope you get my point
don’t bother people because you are
really fighting about space in the news
feed there’s only so much space that can
be used in there and people are not
going to scroll forever because they’re
doing it out of boredom so they’re doing
it for two minutes and you really want
to be there in those two minutes where
people actually scroll through their
feet because they are waiting for a
coffee or I don’t know so I hope you
understand this and this way you you
don’t even have to pay for anything like
it’s free this targeting is free and you
can just do it and I would use this for
every kind of post okay we don’t use it
for any kind of post we use it for most
of them like if there’s news that
concerns everyone around the world we we
don’t do it because it would be it would
take too much time and we still get
enough reactions on post sorry don’t use
targeting but if we are playing shows we
definitely use this feature and highly
encourage you to do it as well your you
it’ll be much more relevant what you are
posting thank