Why Metal Opinions?

Because a lot of guys say that its UNFAIR. They give their responsibility and destiny into someone elses hands. Or small man’s opinion. I don’t know. Name it as it pleases you.
For example.

“Writing a pop song is soooo fuckin easy bro. like four chords. then like. someone sings something very fucking stupid. haha. and then they just do some stuff and then they’re in the charts and make MILLIONS bro. ITs So easy and unfair. Like i watch ________’s Instagram. I KNOW IT lol… well anyways… i gotta get back to finish house of cards season 3 cya.”


Okay dickhead why don’t you just go and do it. Just write a song, and chart. Like literally JUST DO IT. Nothing is stopping you. Become rich and never worry about money again so you can pursue your career as a fucking SICK lead guitar player. (Make sure to buy a metronome from that money)

You can’t handle working 40 hours a week and then finish that song for that 3 song demo you are “about to release” since 14 years?

TRY 80 HOURS. Of writing songs. And songs. And hooks. And melodies. Actually trying to make something different. Maybe eating shit in between. And trying to hack the code of peoples attention. To engage them with your music and give dem VALUE.

If you would do your research you would find out… wait what? Singer/-Songwriters have it as hard as metal and rock musicians. WHAT?

They have obstacles as well? WTF bro?


“Okay its gotta be an anomaly, in general they should be really rich and don’t have to work ‘n shit.”


These people are ripping their asses of as well. Scaling it as a pop artist is very fucking hard.
Like – You can support an arena gig. Of course. Because you have contacts- and because a management company believes in you. But dont expect stuff like “Gas Money”. Those 13k people in front of you are actually not waiting for you to play. Maybe like twelve of them. or OKAY. Lets make it 25.

Even if it was 200. The other 12.800 people want you to GO the fuck AWAY – so they can wait another hour until the main act plays the one song from the radio. They bought their ticket because of that. (Okay i’m ranting away here just a little. My fantasy is just huge.)

These people are wading through mud as well. Just like everyone else persuing a creative career.

And if you didn’t realize. 66.000 or 133.000 instagram followers… are not paying your rent. They’re just not. And they’re not giving you a full fridge every friday at noon.

Well if a brand gives you 3.000$ to post a picture with their product it maybe is paying rent for a couple of months. But generally.. no.


Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching the video 🙂



(by the way – i like house of cards. kevin spacey is amazing and i love him.)


there’s opinions out there that are making making me a little angry and that
is how people say that it’s unfair to be in guitar music unfair to be an extreme
metal or that it’s unfair to be a technical brutal death metal musician
it’s unfair because pop music only uses four chords and they’re all over the
radio and all over millions of place on Spotify that’s unfair because it’s so
easy what the hell do you think you think a guy just walks into a room takes
those four chords and the song is done it takes of course most of them just use
four chords but it’s the little things that make the difference and this is
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait harder then your octave technical riffs
that is super complicated to play and you just want to show off it’s way more
complicated than this and this is what you have to understand people make a
living of this they are thinking about how can I take the listener in
seconds to the pre-chorus so that they get excited that that they don’t change
this and it’s way harder to perceive this pop song writers write eighty songs
a month and then four out of these songs are making it onto a record and the
stuff that makes it on record is only fifty percent of the actual song that
was written because the other guy wrote songs as well and he was way better
than that guy in doing stuff out of those four chords and it’s way harder
than your brutal death metal song but stop complaining and if you think it’s
unfair no one is stopping you to actually write good music yourself no
one’s stopping you if you’re complaining about pop music take responsibility and
do it yourself and four chord songs they don’t just happen you have to make them
and of course you can do them in your bedroom studio you just have to do it
and that’s the easiest and the hardest part what I think is unfair
is that these professional writers and artists get judged by some dude in some
bedroom in some country with some guitar trying to make a some instrumental
record it does just those people who are actually getting stuff done writing
some of the month just to get one to five percent of their songs published
don’t be a dick