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Your success is my fuel and I want as many people on this planet to be happy. I realized that I can help humanity by moving faders and knobs so people can make other people happy by making their creations heard. So let’s get started.

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Stand Alone Complex - The deceiver

by Reamping / Mixing / Mastering | Recorded and Produced by Brian Hood (456 Recordings)


by Mixing / Mastering / Video Editing | Drum-Playthrough by Alan Cassidy II Drums Recorded and Filmed by Eliot Bayless II Guitars recorded by Mark Lewis

I Hate My Hometown But I Love My Family

by Reamping / Mixing / Mastering | Produced and Recorded by Brian Hood (456 Recordings)

Cognizance - The Succession Of Flesh

by Reamping / Mixing / Mastering | Produced and Engineered by Eyal Levi II Assistant Engineering John Douglass II Recorded at Eyal Levi's Private Drum Room in Orlando, Florida

The Millenium - Interstates

by Mixing / Mastering | Written by The Millenium (Kyle Culver, Kyle Featherstone & Matt Hasenmueller) and Austin Nivarel II Produced and Recorded by Austin Nivarel


Sascha edited video clips together and mixed audio for a drum playthrough I did and he did an excellent job creating the video and tweaking the audio to my specifications as well as got the job done faster than anyone I have previously gone to for the same thing. Truly a professional with his results and work ethic. Alan Cassidy

Drummer, The Black Dahlia Murder

Sascha’s master makes mush to metal. Elias Dorfmann

Musician, Infuria

Really good work, our EP couldn’t have been made better.

– Fast service
– Customer centric
– Open for mixnotes
– Is experienced how this kind of music should sound
– Fair price.

Absolutely satisfied.

Michael Breyer

Drummer, Entgeist


Coming from the live music industry and playing in extreme metal bands like “Der Weg einer Freiheit” and “Fuck You And Die” all over Europe and being hired by small and A-Level artists to work for them on the road and in the studio – Sascha knows the in’s and out’s of heavy music and has contributed to it since the early days of playing enter sandman on his Yamaha strat copy. With his quick and effective workflow and his sense of urgency you will never miss a deadline. Hit him up to talk about your next creative project!


How do i have to submit my files?
Please refer to this PDF!
Do you offer lodging?
I do not offer lodging. But in case you are looking for the full experience of living in a studio and tracking at the same time I think you will find the perfect destination at Ghost City Recordings!
Which DAW do you use?
I’m using Pro Tools 12, but I am familiar with basic workflow in Logic Pro X and Cubase