As you may or may not know i run a Mixing and Mastering Studio.


For example.


1. You send me files that you recorded. Or you recorded with a producer.


2. I mix and master them. You give me money.


3. We make multiple high fives after the record is done and we’re both happy AS FUCK.


What i keep see happening is the poor quality of guitar and bass tracks that i get.

The majority lack just one MAJOR thing. Which is:




This is a BASIC. Tune your guitar. Very often. Before every time you hit record (Unless you have an EVERTUNE System . Change strings very often when you record an album. Like every 1h30min. I’m NOT FUCKING KIDDING! 






The Guitar itself is a piece of shit that needs to be redesigned. I don’t have the funds or the resources to do it. But someone needs to do it. Until then. Just use an evertune or a tuner. Often.

The sound starts in your hands. And the guitar can only translate it really good if its tuned fine. A great tuned guitar with a good playing technique through a shit amp sounds 100x better than a bad technique with a shit tuned guitar through a 5k+€ Rig.

Remember. Get the basics right.


Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂





here’s a problem that many of you encounter and I realized it when I was
into my second or third project I did when bands record their own album and
send it to me for re amping and mixing guys would you really need to understand
is that although there’s no producer around when you are recording your stuff
it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to tune your guitar tune your fucking
guitars I mean it after every take tune the fizz no matter how awesome the amp
tone is that I’m going to find no matter how good the mix is no matter how any of
the post-processing will be your guitars will be out of tune and if your guitars
are tuned everything sounds shit and I can’t do anything about it except
playing it again which you probably won’t pay me for because you already
play the guitar so I please do it right tune your guitars in the recording put
on new strings tuned them all the time you have if you take one hour you have
to tune your guitars to minutes and record for minutes if you break it
down into an hour do you understand there’s some major major things that you
have to think about because when you play fast metal riffs the attack of your
string has to be in tune if you play fast stuff so let’s uh let’s watch that
on a tuner so you see what I mean let’s say you’re tuning your lowest string
now it’s in tune right but if I Chuck I playing faster notes than just picking
the string and waiting seconds until i doing it you’re tuning reference is
going to be on a completely different place so if you play metal riffs plug it
faster so you really cue the attack you
because that’s what you want you if you play
thrash metal rizal you don’t want the tune of the string when it’s already
been swinging for two seconds and i hope you get my point if you play metal don’t
tune to sustain june the attack thank you