Hello interested person.

This is a video about how to establish a relationship with an out of town band. Like from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PLACE.

I highly encourage you to build a goddamn relationship with people and don’t just arbitrage it for “the gig”.

I’ve seen enough situations where people set up exchange gigs. Then realize they totally don’t like how the other person is dressed or talk about people behind their backs and try to cut them on their gas money.

A little story time – this is 2009. I was booked with my old band DAY OF JUSTICE to play on a birthday in the depths of bavaria. What i didn’t know back then – two of my future bandmates in Der Weg Einer Freiheit played there with their old band “Fuck Your Shadow From Behind”. I think they didn’t like me at all back then. But thats not the point here. Haha. And i was probably really strange so thats okay.

I remember writing A LOT with the promoter before the show. He had his birthday. Booked “high caliber” bands. We all played kind of the same music. We were a local band. And we kind of sucked. Except FYSFB – They were awesome from day one.

Seems like he made this once a year. So – whatever – we played the gig. I remember our singer made out with a girl while our show. Then we had to handle money. I guess it was something like 150€. To cover gas for the eternal ride to bavaria.

The only thing he did was showing us his empty wallet. Thats it. I mean – he didn’t feel great at all. And i hope he has a good life right now and is lucky and all that. But he couldn’t pay us.

He booked 4 bands . That he couldn’t pay. Of course none of our bands ever played there again. And i think 2 of 4 bands got paid afterwards via money transfer.

The point is… I do NOT know what this has to do with the video. But i just wanted to tell you.
I wrote a lot with that kid. And we played a WAY OUT OF TOWN gig eventually.

(Dear promoter of Öttingen – if you read this. Please contact me, i want to know what you are doing and chat with you.)

don’t do this to your band welcome to episode thank you so much
subscribers thank you so much thank you so much thank you so much subscribers
these was pretty thank you so much subscribers thank you for watch so I
asked you questions like what do you want to see and people want to see how
to do stuff so let’s just get into it so the question is how do I play
out-of-town gigs I can tell you what I would do right now the steps I would
take it’s totally fine if a lot of people just disagree on what I say I
would reflect on my band what’s my audience like what’s my music
like be honest with your self-evaluation then I would go on Bandcamp look for my
John rrah that I think I identify with or another genre that you think would
complement each other so I would go there and just look for bands that I
like from a from a from a fan’s perspective and then just hit those
people up on Facebook and see like build a relationship with other bands from
other cities I mean back in myspace that’s what we did years ago like we
were I would go about it like that go on a personal level with your
Facebook accounts and then start to start to set up exchange gigs like pay
your gas money and I’m talking like respectful exchange gigs don’t suck
people up like you can you can’t book a band for a exchange gig and then pay
them a hundred bucks but then they book the exchange show and you’re like yo but
we needing bucks man like you you can expect them to cover
the costs just be fucking nice people I sleep there hang out make friends man
that’s what it’s about make fucking friends and you’ll end up going with
them to holidays maybe and you know being it for the relationship and those
gigs will come you will have a healthy relationship with another band
and you will respect each other and stay away from meeting people like I mean it
don’t work with mean two there are mean people and they might write good music
but they are not in for the long run so yeah step one reflect on yourself
what do you think fits to your band go to band camp because you’ll find
unreleased music or I mean you can give you can even write bigger bands see what
happens I mean there’s no barrier between that I mean I don’t think that
you would get a exchange gig with Slipknot so ya build relationships with
people from other places men live in Paris look for a band in Amsterdam or
something like travel is so cheap you can go hang out without playing a show
and then plan on making a exchange shows tour with other bandits the bands that
I’m in right now I met those people like that so and all our local bands broke up
at some point and there was new bands forming with people from other places
and you know that’s how it works and you’ll elevate from that as I mean
just be fucking nice people and if you’re nice people stuff works out in
the long run and you will have a healthy playing out of town stuff mentality like
build a community inside of what you do yeah that’s it that’s how I would do it
if you have other if you have other ideas about how to to do that like
getting out of town shows as a smaller band as an up-and-coming band tell me in
the comments I I’m interested in what’s going on like what are you what are your
experiences with different techniques on how to expose to other audiences like in
a playing playing in a playing style and
let’s go thank you very much hey real quick before you head out I made this
worksheet for you it’s not fancy at all it’s been name been genre band Facebook
personal contact and if you contacted him then just for yourself to keep
yourself on track in doing that building relationships with people yeah just just
just a simple gadget for you before you head up to the weekend have a nice