I’m impressed by how HipHop Artists are releasing their new music. They can build an audience incredibly fast that way.
They focus on ONE SONG at a time and make a proper video for it with a great story and release it.

If you are butthurt by this then i understand why. But the hip hop culture is so incredibly fast and they’re hacking it at a speed that is at least a 100x compared to most things metal and rock.

welcome back to my channel welcome back
to another video you are here probably
because you’ve read the title what metal
artists can learn from rap artists or
hip-hop artists it may be a little bit
weird for you to read this but it is
2018 and I have observed hip-hop artists
doing this pattern of releasing music as
much love as there is about the metal
and rock genre with all the the vinyls
and the albums and all this special
that you can buy with a record and I
love it I love the attention to detail
that bands are giving their albums and
when they are releasing something and
special packages and violence with
different colors but what I want to talk
about is the pattern of releasing stuff
what hip-hop and rap artists do and a
lot of popular artists as well is they
are writing a song they’re producing the
song they’re making a great video about
the song and they’re repeating this
every six weeks every eight weeks every
ten weeks and they are building a warm
buzz around them on social media so you
always have content to talk about
there’s always music to talk about and
the way younger people consume music
nowadays is playlists and Spotify you
don’t want to get in there with an
entire album so I encourage people to
maybe adapt some of the hip-hop or rap
rhythm because you can build a lot of
audience and a lot of engagement with
single songs and just to focus a lot
more on a single song release it and
just to get into the habit of releasing
because it’s so was so so important
because when you only release every two
or three years you go into the state of
freezing and to making everything so
perfect but it’s my opinion it’s
crippling you because you always want
this perfect 60 minutes of music package
but it turns out that people only care
about three songs and that way if you
release more stuff you learn
a lot more about releasing something
about where your audience lives what do
they like more do they love watching one
minute stuff on Instagram or are they on
Facebook you can try uploading a music
video to Facebook and between those
songs or those music videos with single
singles that you’re releasing in between
those you can do a lot of stuff you can
how the video was made you can do how
the sum was written where you have
recorded it you can plan on doing three
to four different songs record them at
different places and just build a story
around that with the different places
and that way you will you can just maybe
it doesn’t work for you maybe you’re
built to release 60 minutes of music
every three years or every two years and
that’s just fine but a lot of
up-and-coming people are putting their
music into a very very new industry
that’s changing and this being disrupted
everyday what I want to say is that you
should definitely watch what other
people and other genres are doing and
it’s very important to adapt and when
you look at the modern progressive
sector of the metal or rock world
there’s a lot of this going on and I
think it’s amazing and I think this can
work on every sub sub sub genre like in
the most brutal death metal it works as
well yeah that’s what I that’s what I
want to bring to the table for you to
maybe think about with your band or if
your solo artists just think about the
getting into the habit of releasing and
the habit of releasing is actually a
video that I wanted to make on its own
and maybe I’m going to do it but a lot
of the topic that I want to talk about
with the habit of releasing it’s already
contained in this so I hope this helps
you let me know in the comments if you
have done this already if you thought
about doing this maybe you need to shake
a little bit to to to go out there and
release more music more frequently
because I think the one who can release
the most music is going to go ahead very
fast so thank you very much seen another
one and have a good day (Music)