For almost three years the Kemper Profiler has been my go to unit for everything.
Why i’m using it? – Convenience and Speed. 

I’m not a gear nerd, not a gear slut. I love to own just a few pieces of equipment but definitely know the ins and outs of it and i know what they’re capable of and how my creativity can build on that.

It’s perfect for touring and perfect for the studio.


big I’m a minimalist it was too big for
me I hated all the cables I hated all
the the effects the different panels I
just I’m not a guy for petals and
effects and today I’m talking about why
I’m using it Kemper now I am NOT a guy
to do reviews I’m not a guy to do mix or
REM tutorials to this point there are
still people considering getting a
camper or why they should get a camper
would they benefit from a camper with
whatever from a camper would they have
better conversations with girls when
they have a camper I’m going to tell you
why I use a camper so I had a camper
user since and I have bought a
camper because I had a an angle fireball
which is kilograms
I had a pedal train with a delay and a
reverb and a tuner and and the foot
switch and that was just another case in
I got a amazing tax return
because I have never done my taxes
before so I got Texas for like three
years or four years of working so I
bought a camper after that I bought a
ridiculously big case which was holding
my foot switch that I’ve built a custom
foot switch it held my camper and it
held my fireball head I played that for
exactly one tour and I was sick of it
because it was as big as a four by
twelve bucks so why would I buy a camper
and put it in a box set as big as a four
by twelve bucks so I got rid of that
then I bought a ha half rack unit power
ramp which was cool and not long after
that we switched to in years so I got
rid of everything which left me with a
camper so all I had to take for fly-ins
for going to the meeting point for the
tour with a train all I had was this
it’s a three erect unit Gator case it
had my foot switch all the cables the
Kimber my in years everything was inside
of this
and when I had that I got rid of
everything I sold all the stuff except
my Kemper a couple of cables and the
remote now it is great to tour with the
Kemper whether you’re flying somewhere
or you are playing domestic because if
you are abandoned you have a big wreck
you could just put it in there and then
you have everything in one wreck or you
just have this thing if your support you
put everything inside wrap it up and
you’re done in two minutes
and you can go help the drummer for a
studio use it is an absolute blast it is
the clock for my entire rig it is
everything I do starts in the camper and
I can record di and wet signal
simultaneously through one s/pdif cable
now there are a lot of people saying
this is and you have to be
analog and it has to be this and has to
be that I’m just not the I’m not the
gear guy I’m not the another gear
enthusiast I love to have as little
stuff as I possibly can and this is just
very convenient for me to just have to
just only have a camper and to use it
for all my guitar stuff there’s no other
options like I’m not looking how it
sounds with a different thing I take
this I switched to the profiles and I
take whatever profile fits I tweaked a
little bit and I’m done when I’m
rehabbing for someone else I’m doing the
exact same process it’s coming in
digital from my dog going to the camper
I tweak it in the camper it goes back
into the doll and it’s all like I do not
have to do anything if I get a real job
in five minutes I can just start I set
up my dog and I start there’s no there’s
no cabinets I have to set up there’s no
heads I need to set up there’s nothing I
have to set up of course I’m not saying
that Kemper is the absolute best or the
absolute absolute god of equipment I
don’t know what the axe to fix is
going to bring us this year which I
think it will be an amazing unit and
this is how I use the Kemper it’s just
the core piece of my studio and I love
to run everything with it and it is the
boss of my desk it is not too expensive
and it has just been the most convenient
thing for me ever so there may be heads
out there that sound better I don’t care
if I have a profile that gives me %
there I’m totally fine with it so I hope
if you are looking for a camper this may
have helped your decision to buy it or
to not buy it
I love Kemper I love the company I love
the people that work there it’s just
amazing and I love the product so this
is not a sponsored video okay thank you
very much and have a good day