A band had 60.000 likes. When they broke up they had 3 comments and 8 likes.

There’s gotta be something wrong with that huh.

This is what happens when people buy likes from shady websites.

For example “750 Likes in 24 hours for 10€”

You will get the likes! It’s really happening. Its like magic. Suddenly you have all this fans from Syria, Egypt, Bahrain and India.

But why are they not engaging? Why is no one buying merch from your store?
Because they do not give a single fuck about you.

They’ve been paid 0,002€/per person to like your page. They like dozens of pages every day and turn the notifications off.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂


so here’s another one you’ve been doing

it wrong

and I’m talking about buying likes there

is a lot of options these days your

various services all over the world

where you pay $ and you get promised

likes thousand likes  like five

times the price there you go

you pay    bucks and after

hours your band page has , likes

welcome to hell because every time you

post something your range is going down

because as you maybe know all your

facebook posts only reach a certain

amount of people and if you buy likes

from those agencies most of the likes

are fake profiles or people from Iraq

Syria India China Malaysia Indonesia and

you seriously think that merabh maha

beer that has been paid two cents for

liking your page will give a fuck about

stuff that you post this is not true

however there’s another possibility and

that’s Facebook ads and that’s where you

are can do Facebook ads and target

people that are actually interested in

stuff you are doing people that don’t

know you people that are into your kind

of music you can target those people you

can target male males between  and

that have an Android phone that are into

this and that band and they are going to

see your ad those people are going to

get triggered by your ad and that’s the

people that you want that’s people that

actually got to listen to your music

give a fuck and react to your policies

and have post engagement and like and

comment and share stuff with their

friends and that’s what you want because

you rather have  people that like

your page that are engaged with the

stuff that you do then , people from

India that don’t give a fuck about your

shit that don’t have notifications about

the stuff that you do please don’t buy

likes from pages like this because

you’re soo

yourself in the foot