The BIRTH of Don’t Do This To Your Band.
The birth of my video blog which turned into a blog that redirects you to the video blog.


What to put in your band description?

Well. Let’s see what you should def. not put in there.

Don’t say you’ve played with King Diamond when you opened mainstage at eleven in the morning and King Diamond is playing 36 hours later. Hell you didn’t even play with him when he played the same day.

You have not been on tour with Trivium when you have supported two dates on their tour with a 10 day break between the dates. You have shared the stage with them. THATS IT. You are not friends if you are not friends. And you have not toured with them if you didnt tour with them.

Keep it true. Tell stuff as it is. Do not exaggerate. People smell shit. And if they smell shit they won’t work with you.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂



I just saw something.
That twists my guts. And makes me want to throw up
So you’re in a band and someone booked you for this amazing major festival and you’re
playing mainstage at three in the afternoon.
So you’re f____ excited to go there and get shitfaced and strum some chords and make out
with people.
I don’t know what your syle is.
So seven hours later alice cooper is headlining.
Amazing, right?!
For the love of god.
Don’t write in your facebook description that you opened for, supported, been on tour with
alice cooper.
None of that is true!
The only fact that is true is that you played on this festival.
And please.
Stick to this!
If people read that you played with alice cooper they’re not going to believe it.
Other festivals will smell the shit.
Booking agencies, managements.
Everyone that knows some stuff about the music industry will smell the shit.
So please don’t do it.
It will do more harm to you than it does any good to your band’s carreer.
Thank you.