Musicians and “Gear Nerds” tend to put their gear OVER their health. That’s just one problem. They’d never put their gear on an IKEA desk but they’re sleeping on a 150$ mattress and putting the cheapest food into their bodys and wondering why they’re fucked up. Okay. Let’s put that aside.

If you put your gear on a pedestal you will be crippling your creativity. Practicality ALWAYS has to stand before aesthetics and “style”. This is a craft – not a show off.

what’s up back with another video today
I’m I have to address something so I saw
this video on YouTube and it was a big
producer and he teamed up with IKEA so
IKEA as working with a lot of
influencers on YouTube right now and so
apparently real money is getting into
music which is cool so this guy was
building a studio with IKEA furniture
and decoration products or you could
hang your cables and where to put your
headphones and where to put your
monitors yes so that’s basically it it
looked great it looked like I think into
your designers at IKEA at those video
shoots because it all looks very like in
the catalogue it looked very good then I
read the comments because apparently I’m
someone with too much time and too much
passion for the internet so there were
there was this comment I personally
wouldn’t put my music equipment on IKEA
furniture so that person is afraid that
IKEA furniture is going to break his
equipment we’re gonna just going to let
that sit there and not care about that
that dude but it reminded me of this
problem and why you click this video and
why I put the link like that you have to
stop putting your equipment on a
pedestal like that your equipment is
never going to give you a better playing
ability it’s not saving you from
practice it’s not saving you from
putting time in to get better it’s not
helping your ability to write songs your
equipment is not as important as you
think your equipment our tools it’s a
guitar is a tool and I see people
treating their guitars as if they’re
like if they wouldn’t have this guitar
they wouldn’t be able to play it but
interestingly enough if you go to any
family event or something and there’s a
guitar laying yard you can still play
guitar so it’s definitely not that ,
bucks guitar that it’s giving you the
ability to play so my my advice is
always to to
find something that works for you maybe
get a spare guitar a spare and a spare
anything so that if anything breaks on
tour you’re set but to just use it as a
tool and not as a second dick and what
weirds me out is how why why is it so
important it’s like it’s like cars man
I personally don’t understand I don’t
have a fable for cars I don’t have a
fable for fancy stuff of course I’m not
on gear slots or if you have
gear acquisition syndrome or I mean
that’s your thing but putting your
equipment on a pedestal is going to
decrease your amount of creative output
the most important part of it is how it
works how what can your hands do with it
and it doesn’t matter how it looks and
that’s the reason why you see top-tier
guitar players play cheaper guitars on
tour because they break you you don’t
have to put a , euro or a ,
dollar guitar on stage because it
doesn’t matter I just wanted to get that
out there and yeah I hope you have a
great day and thank you very much