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hey guys,

So i’ve been talking about ideas and things YOU can do for pushing your music or creative project forward – without – showing you how i do it.

So this is episode one – the layout – for the EP i’m planning to release.

I hope this is somehow interesting and i have never properly released any of my “solo-projects” – although i have written dozens (hundreds? – at least 100 – that i’m sure of) of songs. So lets see how i’m doing with this.

thank you for being here.


welcome back to another video now this
whole thing here might look different
I’m trying a presentation style video
today we are talking about how I’m
releasing something like an EP
so yeah welcome back if this is your
first time here my name is Sasha I talk
about all types of band business
techniques music business music industry
how to do anything in the music industry
I have not figured this sentence out yet
so some of you may have already seen
what I do what I did on Instagram but
we’re going to go in a presentation here
so this is a presentation and I am about
to start a weekly vlog series or
documentation about how I’m releasing an
EP by myself because I talked about all
of these things and what people can do
and what other possibilities are there
but right now I’m not releasing anything
myself so I thought why not just do it
myself as well so that what I actually
talked about has some background some
more background adding to those years
of musicianship it’s actually or I
don’t know well this is a presentation
point one I’m going to do one video
about this EP every week number two yeah
we’re going to go about all of those
points right now so I am releasing an EP
this is the fourth time I’ve said this
how I do it
this is my name how my name does it and
I’m releasing an EP one this is going to
be unfortunately I’ve already written
three songs I’m aiming for four and I’m
going to talk about not only the music
production – mixing and the mastering
but I’m talking about video production
as well because I plan to release videos
as well the
duction for me as well means the meaning
behind what I’m putting out why I’m
doing it what’s the context or why is
this does this music sound as it does so
I’ve already written three songs but I’m
going to elaborate on that next week
number two is the distribution plan so
what am i planning to do for
distribution what channels am I going to
use how am I you to lysing my band’s
account am i or am I not going to do
this what am i doing on Instagram what
am i doing with youtube am i starting a
different channel I’m going to talk to
different youtubers who are reviewing
music and for example and this is just
to give to show you the ideas I have for
my stuff I have been giving tips for
that a lot in the past year but I just
want to show it on an example I just
don’t want to just talk I want to show
what I’m doing what I’m actually doing
what my plans actually are am I actually
for real
that’s the question so number three
pre-release where I’m actually putting
the distribution plan into practice the
pre-release is something like pre-orders
or how many songs am I going to put out
before other release how many how am I
handling the video teasers how am i how
am i doing all of those things and I
haven’t done all of those things in
quite a while so it’s pretty interesting
to just go and do it myself instead of
just talking all the time
number four is going to be the release
itself I feel like this is where it
actually starts so and I don’t know how
long I can men maintain this I just want
to put out music and I could just upload
it but with all the channel stuff and
all my blog stuff that I’m doing I just
can’t leave it with just putting it out
like there you go there’s the release
and then there’s the post release what
am i doing after the release and I don’t
know if this will be very weekly and the
post release and it’s not just going to
be five videos maybe maybe not just
going to be five videos but we’ll see
there will be a video for kind of each
step I think I already teased a
-second preview or teaser on Instagram
because I was super super super excited
and I think people didn’t don’t really
expect me to put proper music out people
know that I’m producing people know that
I’m producing my own music produce for
other people but I haven’t put something
out for myself
for free for just me and you can head
over to my Instagram and just check it
out so that was the first thing I
properly pre-released I share on
Instagram a lot of Instagram stories how
like how I’m coming up with riffs and
how I’m play producing and Pro Tools and
home writing stuff now I’m recording
stuff but this is actually just putting
something out which is something real
although it’s just seconds of a music
video so what is the status right now I
have three songs done written I have one
music video done and this is seriously
just happened this week I have a lot of
downtime right now which is going to
change in a couple of weeks so I’m using
this time to put my own create
creativity out there and I have seven
actually eight this this slide is wrong
I have seven cover ideas eight I just
said that I’m wrong with the hell eight
cover ideas and I’m showing you how I
went with deciding which
and I just want to get deeper into it
I’m going to document it for you for
myself as well just because I want to
document it for myself and it’s probably
not going to be the music that people
expect for me or maybe it is the music
that people expect for me I have no idea
so I’d like to put this out every Friday
for now I don’t know what my schedule
will be I have to pre produce a lot of
this and I don’t know if it’s going to
be live life like when I scheduled this
particular topic on Friday it probably
doesn’t really mean that I did this in
that week I don’t know if I can if I can
live up to that because I’m going to be
executing a lot faster than just those I
think it’s going to be about seven
videos so not a lot of tips in this
video today I’m trying to do a lot of
new stuff because I’m kind of there’s
only so much tips or stuff you can get
you can get out there although I have
this little ebook you can download about
social media tools just head down in the
description first link and I will see
you Sunday or Monday I don’t know just
thank you for watching have a great day
and have a great weekend as well stay

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