No one cares about your custom guitar dude.

Do NOT bring an extra stand for it where you can put it after the show so that everyone can see it. And as an opening band you sure as hell weren’t too busy to just pack it away and put it in the car.

Drunk people trip over stuff. Especially in backstage areas. There’s always a hero. And its not you. Its the guy. The guy that breaks the neck of your weird looking 8.000€ orc-axe with pickups that sound just the same as EMGs but aren’t really EMGs because you think EMGs are too modern because you’re so oldschool and un-mainstream.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂


welcome to episode five don’t do this to your band thank you very much for the
support over the last week’s it’s fun keep the suggestions coming and welcome
to nature edition and do this to your band okay so here’s number five no one
cares about your fuck custom guitar after you place the show
backstage areas are small and you bring an extra standing dude you bring an
extra stand for putting your guitar in a guitar stand and you just let it sit
there for hours and you just want people to talk to you about the ton and I’m
going to tell you one thing one out of is going to do it and if that guy
actually wants to know something about your guitar is going to ask you if you
can get it out for him people are going to trip over it and then you’re going to
be fucking angry at the guy that tripped over it because he was drunk backstage
area is an area where people get drunk please accept that play a show put it in
your case and bring it to the car all of your fucking equipment as fast as
possible your hassle will be less you can hang out and you can just drive when
you want to go don’t show off your shit in the backstage area thank you