“Hello Friend, We just released this song please LIKE and SHARE http://stupidsong.com/”

If you do this – you suck.

“Man i’ve grinded so hard. I copy pasted to 6000 people. But somehow facebook has cut me down and someone reported me what the fuck”

Why is that? Your message has no fucking value. It’s annoying advertising.
Take time. Talk individually to individual people. Your ex class-mate from 8th grade does not give a fuck about your song. So don’t message him.

Read this book: How To Win Friends And Influence People – Before you direct message another person about your purpose. Make your interaction awesome.

Think about who you are messaging your shit. Make it valuable. Make it something cool for them.
If your music is fucking awesome you maybe don’t even need to direct message. You just post it and people share it. It needs to be really great tho’. People actually use the share button. But it needs to be great.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂



welcome to another installment of two don’t do this to your band today I want
to talk about direct messaging seriously what the fuck is wrong with you stop
direct messaging people with your old new not very successful videos that
you’re wondering about why it doesn’t have as many views or as many social
shares or you don’t have thousands of subscribers on YouTube don’t sent this
to people all over again don’t fucking copy paste we’re in your song with
a product it is a fucking product
and how would you feel if let’s say the owner of anchor the mobile charging
gadgets message you once a week fly by my cable oh it just released another
cable how awesome is that we would really love it if you would don’t do it
it’s annoying even if your songs are fucking great and you have the best
video ever don’t direct message if you post your song on your band page shared
with your personal profile and if the content if the song is great and if you
have a great video to share people will jump on it no shit no matter what if
it’s great it’s great and if it sucks it sucks don’t don’t don’t direct messages
you suck if you do it Siri