You do not need a label to get your music to all the platforms. Just use


Click distrokid and get 7% off. (I get compensated and you get a discount. How awesome is that.)

Its an amazing service, i use it myself and its very simple to use.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂



today I’m going to tell you how you actually can do something and that is
how to distribute your music to all the digital platforms and keep a hundred
percent of the streaming money or download mine or the royalties this
platform is called this show kit and you can go there with this link that’s going
to pop up somewhere in this and you can save seven percent I’m going to let that
sink in are you excited what is this circuit this circuit is a service you
pay twenty dollars for one year for your band to release as much music as you
want so you can put up all your albums demos eps however you call it they will
set up your albums to all the relevant streaming platforms Spotify Apple music
you name it and you keep a hundred percent of all the money and that’s it
talk here use my link save seven percent that one coffee that you can buy thank
you very much