Welcome to my Consultations-Tab!

I’m very thankful that you have found this and that you’re interested in getting into a consultation session with me. Or you just want to see how much I charge to then go talk about it with other people. – No matter what of those options applies. You’re here and I love you.

Through Skype I will teach/talk/mentor you about all things guitar , music business or music production. You just pick what you like and I’m going to help you as best as I can.

All of these are an investment of 49,00€ per 45 minute session* and the call will be recorded and sent and uploaded for you to download again. (2018 is amazing).

As soon as you have payed, you will be sent to my scheduling tool where you can conveniently pick your preferred timeslot in your timezone.

(If you can’t find any good timeslots – please contact me at lessons@sascharissling.com!)

Please make sure to provide as much information upfront as possible.

Thank you for reading and

I hope to see you on the other side. A.k.a. “Can you hear me? wtf…”

* if you’re unsatisfied after 15 minutes i will give you a full refund.
What can I help you with?

Payments are safely handled through PayPal !
So don’t you worry!

What PEOPLE Are Saying

Talking with Sascha gave me a new perspective on my musical project. He’s got a lot of knwoledge in the modern (metal) music business and gives you some short cuts and life hacks to your musical career, which are easy to realise. Communicating with him is fun and worth every buck. Valentin Ott

Musician, Music Business Lesson