Thanks for all the possible love on the Rémi Gallego episode.

Here’s another one for ya.

This time i got John Browne infront of his microphone in the northern mist of the land they call England.

We talk about how “Djent” got made and why, about all the things he did, does and some of the stuff he will be doing,  how air gets taxed by bad people, all sorts of bandstuff, internet haters, downsides of touring, upsides of good stuff. Basically a lot of stuff.


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track thank you very very very much for
this I really appreciate it so the
guests on this episode is an English
gentleman called John Brown he’s one of
those people that does all sorts of
you will find out how we met in just a
he’s the guitarist and monuments the
brain behind flux conduct and and
overall funny person to talk to and
other than that we have a lot in common
which is cool and actually my lady knows
him for way longer than I do that’s just
a funny side fact enjoy this episode see
you on the other side
thank okay so what what did you have for
breakfast today and what did you do
right before we are we were doing this
in all truth I didn’t actually have
breakfast today because I woke up
stupidly early and had to go back to
sleep because I couldn’t function
my girlfriend wakes up for work pretty
normally half past seven but she woke up
a hot + today and I was also awake and
then I went back to sleep for a little
bit I also worked on some new monument
songs and for lunch I ate a cheese
sandwich so I be on tour it’s like being
on tour so yeah exactly except you can
sleep in your own bed so what are you up
to right now like what’s your main main
project right now monuments three okay
at the moment so there’s ideas for about
or songs at this point and it’s
just a case of finalizing them for
wrinkles basically okay so how do you
define an idea do you have like is it a
whole song is that four minutes five
minutes or is it just two riffs some
some of the songs are completely
finished in my eyes they’ll probably
change off the vocals go on them but
some of them yeah are just two or three
reps that sort of define the mood and
where the songs gonna go and it just
needs that you know the last couple of
bits to sort of tie it all together
so I’d say maybe eight of the songs are
finished and then five of them are in
the two to four if stage okay so yeah
it’s going pretty well
I mean a lot of the songs have actually
been finished for over a year they’ve
been finished since January okay
but it was just a case of you know
finding inspiration to sort of finish it
yeah good good old inspiration is hard
isn’t that obviously I broke yet sohara
but I feel like any of that was suitable
for monuments even though it’s kind of a
similar sound yeah I feel like monuments
just needed that extra them because you
know trying to top the amanuensis is
going to be pretty difficult do you have
any plans on how you proceed on this
like you’re gonna finish writing
and then you already have a you know
where you’re gonna record drums who’s
recording the drums and are you weary in
the process of talking about that right
now so I can all depend obviously on
budget but we’ve asked a couple of
people if they’re interested to do it in
plain terms or in recording recording
drums yeah like because we already have
a drum at the monuments II just honkin
announced okay okay yeah but yeah just
where we’re gonna record if we can
squeeze more money out of our record
label punch them in the face man yes in
the final motions of what will be an
album no so yeah it’s going well that’s
what I’m working on right now anyway
Nick okay I’m can’t wait to hear that
I’m very very interested
that’s where why I have you on so our
monuments yeah I’m actually I’m
actually keen to hear it I’m not keen
about a lot of modern metal bands to
hear but I’m yeah I want to hear that so
I was thank you very much I was thinking
the last time we actually met was at
Resurrection Fest having beer at horny
yes that that was that’s two years ago
this festival is on tomorrow again oh
really so it’s actually been – exactly
two years so I thought wow that was I
thought we met it between but you
actually met my lady in this festival or
in Cologne last year I wasn’t there yeah
and the first time oh yeah you wouldn’t
I weren’t there but the first time I met
was at euroblast Meshuga was headlining
and you were the direct support
I had my oh yeah I think it was my
second stage job ever I had no idea what
I was doing but I I just pretended and
you got a yawning you did a good job
actually know the last time we played it
was really good which was I think I
haven’t been there yeah see I’ve been
there Wow that’s when yeah that’s where
we met the first time yeah I’m a sugar
and then they watched us play really
when we borrowed all their ribs they
were sick like I didn’t understand sugar
before this day and then I saw it live
and then I it everything made so much
sense at that point like it completely
clicked and I think the day I got home I
started to listen to me sugar like
so I actually understood all the all the
depth and the crazy Meshuga is
definitely better as a live band like
they’re great on record but when you see
them live it is so unbelievably good
it’s like a level above every other band
I’ve ever seen it’s an experience you
know like yeah some experience for the
mind and for the soul yeah and obviously
with all the lights as well completely
played in time with everything which
means that they must have a sixth member
of their band behind the light desk a
second drummer yeah yeah but it’s just
so unbelievably good I absolutely love
that back there definitely my favorite
male band of all time that’s for sure
sick I’ve I always go see them when they
play around here because it’s just just
sick it is ridiculous okay so let’s go
into the main thing of this main thing
of this I’m not going to edit that out
because it sounds fun so let’s let’s
start with the moment you’ve got their
first guitar what yeah what riff did you
play can you remember my first guitar I
do remember exactly what it was it was a
it was given to me about seven years old
by my uncle and it was a nylon strung
acoustic made by tatra to this day I’ve
still never heard of that company and
first song I ever learn on it was the
Alton Towers theme tune which is
basically Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and
this is a theme park yeah old Taos is a
theme park in the UK it’s around the
Darby area is it a is it a big one is it
like was that is that like a huge park
where everyone wants to go all the time
yeah it’s one of those so basically this
two main ones really in the UK that’s
Thorpe Park in the zone towers is
little ones migrating manner but old
towers is the main one okay
am i in my eyes that’s like the biggest
one in the UK and there’s that theme Jim
for years
that was your first guitar and how did
it got liked it was were you desperately
did you desperately want to play guitar
so basically I got lessons but probably
about six months after I got it and I
was really into it and then you know it
kind of fizzled away and then I didn’t
really start playing guitar properly
again until I was when my parents
bought me my first electric guitar for
my birthday you remember the brand yep
it was made by a company called
Westfield okay and the amplifier I had
was a Marshall mg ten sing so bad Wes
yeah they me worked yeah I mean the
distortion sound was absolutely vile but
it worked and the guitar was basically
just a strat copy you know it was yeah
well it was Horace like yeah if I don’t
think that anyone had a different style
of guitar as a first guitar there I had
a strat copy as well I think everyone
had my friend actually had a telly copy
that’s sick yeah which was cool by the
time I didn’t like Telly’s but now
looking back on my Telly’s recall
they’re kind of cool but it comes with
the age like when I was I wouldn’t
have wanted to play telly exactly yeah I
know exactly what you mean it’s
definitely an older man’s mature guitar
isn’t I hope I remember my my red ESP
LTD Viper it was short and sounded
like but I was so proud because all
the metalcore bands played it yeah
they played with the more expensive ones
and I had the cheap one yeah I remember
that yeah I I sold it like three years
ago because it you know when you think
like you you want to hang on to
something but then realize what I don’t
have any benefit from hanging on to this
PC I mean it’s literally it’s literally
just there
like a remembrance thing and it takes
space exactly it does like I got a pic I
got one picture with me in that guitar
and that’s that’s just fine
that’s cool so I remember a talk now
attention I had a talk with Nima Ascari
like two and a half years ago who was a
former singer of one of your bands I
don’t I don’t get it I don’t remember
it’s fell silent okay so and he was also
in monument’s as well oh okay so yeah I
had to talk with him and he told me
about something like rock school in the
UK which was yeah thing in school where
people formed bands and played songs
from other bands is that correct yeah so
basically I caught him with the three
days of rock was the thing that I went
to but I also think they had wrought
school and it was in Milton Keynes and
that’s kind of where alcohol met Nima
Nima and Noddy were together as well the
old drummer fell silent max your bass
player fell silent as well and Jo Jo
Garrett the old singer of course are as
well that’s quite another thing they
went to every single week by only went
to it once but I do remember seeing a
call playing with a violin bow saw
people listening EKKO is the guitarist
of tesseract yep I played the guitar
player of tesseract and then Nima
naughty max and Jo were all in fell
silent with me and Akal and yeah it was
just like a basically just used to be
like it was quite a lot of people I know
I want to say there was at least to
people just jamming and at the end
of the three days of rock you would do a
concert and it was the stables and
Mellon Keynes when I did it okay I saw
it wasn’t just a three-day festival kind
of thing so not even a three-day
festival we’d spend the first two days
rehearsing with your with your new band
if it was new and then you would play
then you’d play again that sounds
awesome but the guy that ran it was
really really good
I don’t know at one point the guitar
player of a bank called newly was
involved in it and he was really good I
can he used to play feline guitars I
never knew never heard of that company
are you sitting on there
the ones that make the black machine be
sixes ah okay and now I get it
that makes sense now so yeah it was my
member the guys I think junior I think
his name wants to play a newly newly was
a really cool band back in the day
actually really good bad and then the
bet there was a guy there as well was
never thing was the played bass and he
was really good as well
how old were you people back then when I
went I think I was okay I see but I
know the other guys went to that four
years before that as well but I didn’t
live in Long Keene so I wasn’t as cool
as them so milkiness was the cool the
cool city to live mountain cleans man
everyone’s trying to rip off that clean
sound yeah you all have it
so we’re gonna get to that to that term
in a second
so in that age with age did you
already know that you’re gonna be a like
a band band guy that’s why I wanted to
do basically I know this sounds really
really really like kind of quit but the
reason that I want it to be in a band is
because I heard Bon Jovi’s livin on a
prayer sig that’s a yeah that’s an
amazing reason yeah and I was I think
I saw it on MTV or vh or something like
and I saw it and I was like I want more
and obviously wanted dead or alive as
well and I sort of have their own play
and I saw thousands of people streaming
I was like I want to do that let’s go
little did I know the plane is a see
a passenger band that you sleep on the
seats and no one knows until he’s there
and I’m screaming and the screaming
girls are all guitar players asking what
gauge string anyone can can I have a pic
no man I need to buy those like money on
this we don’t have a lot of money
okay like you you always have the
objective in mind to go big like you
wanted your you wanted to succeed or I
I don’t know how to say that of course
you probably have known that you’ll
probably not be in a Punjabi level
exactly you know you can still want to
try you know that is if you aim for the
stars you’ll reach the sky right at
least yeah yeah aim because I’m not
flying a squat sky yeah I’m probably
about two inches off the ground about
dicks worth but yeah that’s kind of the
whole reason that I wanted to do it I
saw those those videos on vh and I was
like that’s a really sick music and I
still think Bon Jovi’s great I don’t
know why they get so much the album
slippery when wet they came out the year
that was born actually I think it’s
a great record
they’re great they’ve they’re a great
band and in its undiscussables
yeah and I think Richie Sambora is
really underrated as a guitar player I
didn’t know there was a person named
like this in that band Richie Sambora
yeah I mean I played Kramer guitars okay
and I just think he’s quite underrated
you know no one really spoke about him
as being a good guitar player but I
always thought that like his solos were
really cool they were never over the top
the songs were obviously good as well
you know they’re something yeah I live
on Jovie
SiC so was felt signed was it was that
your first band or did you have other
stuff before it was like it wasn’t
anything like big I mean I had one band
while he played one gig once and then
fell silent when I which I joined when I
was just after I finished school was
the first time that I played in a
touring capacity okay so yeah I mean I
joined fell silent in the autumn of
so that was already an existing band yes
so the band before that was NEMA Akal
Joe and Joe wasn’t even in the band he
was pneumococcal max and naughty they
were a four-piece and they released one
EP of three songs in that you can
actually hear on YouTube
the yeah yeah that was like a
pre-existing man I joined in and
then the second vocalist Joe joined in

so what I say okay-y
so why didn’t fell silent work out that
was your main thing like you didn’t have
anything on the side or or do any did
you do anything else on a band well on a
band it wasn’t a band like monuments was
kind of a side project from and
monuments was actually played on BBC
Daniel Picasso in okay that was was
that a TV show or radio it’s a radio
show BBC one rock show Danny car you
know it’s pretty big here in the UK it’s
like the place to have your band played
Union monuments was play on there and
it’s when Josh Travis from the mure was
singing for it for monuments yeah I did
yeah he sang on the first eight tracks
when it was a solo project okay
originally was called lions and then I
changed the name to monuments and then
he sang on a few songs after that which
are completely different to the sound
that we have now was there was there any
clean vocals already or was it just
screams it was it was clean vocals as
well John she had a really good clean
vocal it’s very interesting so at the
time he was playing drums for Tony Danza
tap dance extravaganza
I remember that weird name from like
what what is yeah ten years ago eight
years yeah okay I didn’t know what to
make of it like I don’t think I’ve ever
heard a song from that band you should
listen to Tony Danza three and Tony
Danza four it’s the ones that Josh wrote
and it’s bait it is absolutely
mind-blowing ly good is there told you
how the records are called one two three
four yeah so down to one dancer – dancer
three and downs of four but dancer three
is absolutely incredible
yeah I have to check that out and
everyone else I’m gonna put this in the
notes that people should we’re going to
do promotion for other people here check
out check it out Tony then so three yeah
Josh was in a band before that as well
that was called when knives go skyward
and it’s really really good
okay and then
afterwards obviously at glass cloud and
now he’s in a mule as well yeah so so
you guys said you sent files back and
forth because he’s living in America
right yeah he was living just somewhere
in Illinois I want to say collinsville
or something my primary exactly where
but I heard his band on MySpace back in
the day when I just I wouldn’t I really
like them send him a message
and then I posted four instrumental
songs on my solo project and Josh hit me
up and was like can I please sing on
this it’s amazing nice and I was like
yeah yeah do it and then three days
later he sent me four songs back that
he’d done vocals for so are you begging
you build monuments I’m sorry did you
sorry I didn’t he wanted to add
something yes so basically he wanted to
add vocals to the four instrumental
tracks that I uploaded in and then
he liked it so much he sent me four
tracks back within three days and sick
sick yeah really sick yeah so that might
you can hear some of the tracks on
YouTube as well they’re floating around
yeah that’s kind of how monuments I’d it
was just like a counterpart to to fell
sorry it was the riffs that weren’t
going to work with no sign that were too
heavy and how long did this parallel
projects like first island and monuments
how long how long did this go on and
when did fell silent
eventually when wasn’t this a I don’t
know how it went
I don’t do really any research on these
podcasts because okay that’s how I roll
it’s so good man yeah so I fell silent
disbanded I want to say between and
maybe a little bit later than that
might be in actually we played two
shows with our Apple because Apple left
to do tesseract full-time okay we play
two shows with a guy called call as
who’s now in heart of a coward on guitar
mm-hm and yeah then it disbanded and
then you know
nema did monuments with me for a little
bit but everyone else went their own
separate ways okay yeah so tesseract
monuments and fell silent kind of all
going at the same time except tesseract
was definitely
a live band at the same time as fell
silent towards – it’s about very
interesting to hear to hear this stuff
yeah and dad was technically abandoned
before fell silent as well I think Tesla
was in at the same time as fell
silent that’s early yeah for me it’s
early I was years old in that year oh
my god really yeah I’m a s born in
born in yeah so yeah I was around I
was I think I was so yeah I would
have been in so yeah that’s kind
of when I remember test rats dying they
actually wrote a whole record and then
Apple scrapped it and then the first
record is what you have now one yeah
there was saxophone solos on that
records there was lots of metal there
was cool yeah I need to check that out
yeah how did how did the monuments
things start like there were these are
riffs that didn’t fit into the other
band yeah basically it was just like it
was just too too heavy at the time and
then when the silent sort of collapsed I
just continued writing which eventually
turned into monuments now one of the
monument songs that we played live
actually we did live with fell silent
for those two gigs that we played with a
tackle it’s a song called memoirs okay I
know that one yeah and that was
originally if a silent song we played it
as fell silent for two shows but then
obviously because it wasn’t gonna be
used in for silent we used it as
monuments because it was part of one of
the original songs that I was using for
the monuments record so did you already
know where monuments is going like the
the the beasts like what was it what his
monuments gonna be like NEMA really
wanted to add rapping to the whole thing
so it would have turned out kind of what
hacktivist but I really didn’t want that
because I wasn’t really into a caching
Duhamel trying to imagine your views
with like the hacktivists rap going on
there is that there is actually a couple
of demos of it and there’s one on
YouTube of memoirs the first ran the
first rendition of memoirs has rapping
okay the sort all like your the journey
of your band is basically documented on
yeah basic the audio class and I can’t
quite work out why I probably sent it to
everyone must probably what it was but
yeah that’s kind of how it light started
so you know cosign disbanded I had a
bunch of songs studied you know writing
more songs Mike Malian he was used to be
German with monuments actually
auditioned for monuments years before
and sent me videos via myspace saying
that he wants to play drums for it but
obviously I never planned on it to be a
live band I was white as a counterpart
to fell silent just as like my little
outlet basically so yeah I got hold of
him he came in jammed
swanny lived in the same area as NEMA
because that’s how we met him and then
guitar players wise that took you know
us touring twice to find the right guy
basically which was Ali’s steel and then
yeah we you know we got Chris on vocals
after a couple of vocalists change and
yeah that’s pretty much the monuments
machine that’s been had by all been
happening around the London area right
so that’s where everyone was no actually
when one unit started Nima lived in a
place called Spalding which swanee still
lives there actually it’s just outside
of Peterborough so it’s more mid
Midlands of England
okay then Mike’s from London Ollie’s
from London I live in North England now
and obviously on this thing and our
Chris lives in New York yeah and he
Chris was in periphery before like he
was yeah is that how you knew him
oh you actually played with periphery am
i right like well yeah I played with
after Chris wasn’t in the band anymore
the reason why we got to know Chris is
because he filled in for the
heart-machine on tour with born of
Osiris and after the burial in and
he was just a great live vocalists by
cradle and like I if even as a as a male
you fall in love like yeah that just
happens man just he is really really
good live like really consistent a
really good frontman amazing and I like
without being you know biased I think he
might be the best one in the genre in
terms of every part of what the frontman
is about you know he’s got the he’s just
really consistent every single night he
takes his voice seriously warms up for
an hour every single show and you know
he’d always just you know the crazy
like crowd surfing getting the crowd
involved and stuff like that so it’s
pretty much all the qualities of a
frontman that you want you want human
need to make the crowd moving but not
just focusing on that and also having
really consistent live vocals and life
screams he’s got all it’s pretty sick
killing that can so in all of that time
how did you sustain yourself like that I
mean you took it serious pretty early or
not yeah yeah
so I’m guessing you’re talking about
sustain as in financially yes so I’ve
had some really shitty part-time jobs
along the way which obviously you have
to do yeah I know how well or well not
well this yeah activity pace people not
paying well I want everyone to
understand that there’s a lot of passion
and metal bands basically cannot sell
out it’s you can’t sell out because
there’s not enough money to sell out on
the musical way possible so don’t
exactly yeah don’t tell people that
they’re sellout because they don’t have
a lot of money on their bank account
exactly so yeah just basically you know
part-time jobs when I was in London
other outlets such as like for example
all the teachers that are right now I
teach guitar when I’m on tour I mix I
used to mix bands I haven’t really done
it very often and recently and be a
stuff like that that pays the bills
survive quite yeah it’s quite hard to
actually stay inspired when you have you
know all these people that they’re
telling you that their biggest fan and
it’s like well got , fans on
Facebook but the record sales definitely
aren’t that did you buy something to buy
did you buy something yeah
so it’s kind of like you know it’s
really difficult to stay inspired
obviously you know there is all these
people that you know actively do really
enjoy your music and you know me I can’t
really complain to anyone about
downloading or buying now and because we
all when we were younger didn’t do that
you know I mean it’s just a reality it’s
the reality we can’t fight it we can
just go with it
exactly yeah yeah yeah yeah jobs
basis the I did for a while I didn’t
really want to do and stuff like that
but it’s really difficult to be fired
actually stable when you’re you know
going away for months at a time yeah so
like the longest wall stretch we did was
in and it was from July to December
we were away with two weeks off well
that’s insane
there was yeah you did to a to us tours
or – us horse yeah Russia and Europe
holy yeah so we did the first tour
was with glass cloud and scale the sauna
in the United States and then we did a
headline tour in the States with Bolivia
there ah that’s the bed with the the the
video with the naked lady like yeah they
are so I I have to say this bed is
really smart and their music is mom’s
really I really like them as people but
I really don’t write that music yeah I
know I probably shouldn’t say that but
you know why I respect them as people
and just because I don’t like their
music that doesn’t mean
I don’t wish them the success that they
have yeah so why just to me it doesn’t
speak to me their music at all but you
know they’re lovely people they’re doing
really well so best you know best block
to them but yeah very very smart
marketing I rather I’d rather like the
people a lot than the music that makes
an NZ and then be bombed out that the
person sucks did you at worst do you
know this experience so you’re really
into a band like massively you love them
and then you meet the you meet the guys
and then they’re just total assholes and
you ya don’t want to listen to the music
anymore yeah it’s not happens very often
to me thankfully I’d say so there’s this
one band I’m not a course not gonna name
him um I I gave my all my CDs away and
my shirts I gave every item I had from
that band away because the the disgust
was just – Wow was it that bad it was
really bad like I can tell you later
yeah it was really bad it was really a
bad situation so I’m glad I’m not the
only one that like I mean if I would
meet a really really really big band
that I’m into and they would be dicks
I’d be like ok man they’re legends
self bucket probably yeah anyway I can
understand it you know when you get to
like when you’ve been doing it for like
years the last thing you want to
talk to is another guy go and say I
love you man yeah when you’re
trying to get a send which is something
exactly yeah I can understand it so like
most of time I give people two or three
chances if I meet them yeah you know but
yeah like I said like you know even if
you don’t enjoy someone’s music that
like normally the people are cool and
you’ll get on with them as friends and
that’s way more that’s way better to me
you know if someone’s doing well then
wish them the greatest success and
there’s like if they’re cool people then
they kind of deserve it you know uncle
I’m agreeing as yeah so the the
SMIL cleen’s thing
yeah that’s so there’s a place called
Milton Keynes yes in in England yeah so
and everyone was from there except you
I lived really close by and I did live
in Milton Keynes for a little bit yeah
okay I lived like I think less than
miles away the whole kind of the whole
Jen kind of sound came from that town
because of aku aku is from Keynes and
that’s kind of why we’re the Milton
clean sound comes from you know it’s
just the piezo acoustic model on a
products team okay that’s yeah is there
are there a lot of bet like held I’m not
really into the scene I think scene is
the wrong word but I don’t know what to
are people failing a lot to get the
sound like to recreate or to copy or
whatever I mean I mean you know why
there’s a lot of bands that have copied
that sound but I think that what Apple
did with it it’s the way that it
intertwined with the rhythms and how
everything worked together and I think
that part more completely missing from
some of the other people to do it well
now yeah I mean like listen to Tessa
right now it is still got that you know
that beautiful lush clean sound you know
even years on I am I got it to the
with the last record but yeah it’s so
beautiful like everything sounds so
beautiful and they say like a liquid
production isn’t everything just flows
beautifully yeah low end is so beautiful
an air is so loud so so sick I love to
listen to it just because of the sound
yeah and the music is great as well I
exactly I don’t know why I needed so
long to get into the band but it was
that that record just just hit me yeah a
lot of quite a lot of people don’t are
that record which is really surprising
to me because I find that those songs
are more songs than anything they’ve
done previously John I mean it’s like
songwriting is amazing like there’s no
lines right every song is a story and
it’s yeah it’s amazing it just fits
together and I what I don’t understand
like when people like
talk about music a lot of people are
into the older stuff but for me the
older stuff is just it’s not bad and I’m
not talking about a particular band but
it’s not a story like when the
songwriting progresses and yeah people
are really understanding what writing
music is about is not like the the
journey of periphery of the comparison
from first album to the latest album yes
songwriting based like everything fits
together mmm and I don’t understand why
people are not into new records
I think deep insight they love the new
records yeah but they just they just
holding on to the sound of the original
basically they just want to be a dick
sometimes as well yeah I’m gonna be
honest though I definitely do prefer
earlier periphery to the last one but
not to say that the latest ones bad I
think for me it’s more just a nostalgia
thing you know okay yeah I get it I
wasn’t into all of this music at all
like I came to this style of music let’s
I think pretty much on the euroblast we
met like yeah that was my first touching
point with that kind of kind of music
you came from a very black metal death
sounding so I everything I wanted
to be was as are they dying and heaven
shall burn and that was all I was
listening to yeah this progressed into
extreme death metal and let at the gates
was probably the biggest band for me for
a long long time there that year old
record still is the biggest thing for me
so that’s where I’m from the Swedish
death metal and then Scandinavian
Gothenburg sound absolutely that’s
that’s what that’s where I’m from
so was it slaughter of the what was the
name of that case not off to soul
yes Florida so that’s what you’re
talking about right yeah that’s my
that’s my if this was religion this is
my Bible every time I listen to the
record is still I find something else
and it’s inspiring and it’s like ah
there’s something we just talked
like when we played Vulcan last year and
I was I was getting a hold of the the
backstage passes the the etiquettes guy
was with me at the door and it was
in the morning and I told him that he’s
like the reason I’m playing death metal
he wasn’t interested at all well and I
knew I knew I knew I was punishing him
but I had it had to it had to go out but
at that point it was it was absolutely
fine for me because it was out sorry
alright if you’re listening to this
which I don’t think you do but sorry
yeah that’s a record and it’s probably
just cause it was o’clock in the
morning or it was a fine they probably
went into an airplane at in the
morning and say Zac something along
those lines because the morning of
festival days usually sucks it really
really sucks doesn’t like we do other
festivals last year and the year before
we did quite a lot as well but like when
we did we did one in Romania called rock
blast I think no nor applause was it
called Rock come over the name of it but
we arrived at playing it right roxtor
Rock stat that’s it yeah we arrived at
the venue minutes before our stage
time but you made it eventually yeah
this was like you know we literally got
off the plane driven for two hours and
then arrived and had to just run on
stage just just play yeah it was and
then we left at like o’clock the next
and so like we literally have no time to
do anything it’s kind of sucked every
time not having time sucks you’re in all
these amazing places and people are like
oh man I’m so jealous of you and you’re
like yeah I’m there for two and a half
hours and then I have to sign some yeah
anything like unless you’re like in one
of the bigger barons you never really
get to see many places you’re not really
onerous you’re not really in Barcelona
you just get a like I when I’m on tour I
I make myself be in pain I get up early
so I actually see something
it’s very hard to do it is it’s also the
fact that if you’re in a bus versus
going hotels and Sprinter yeah if you’re
in hotels on a sprinter it makes it
almost impossible to go and see anywhere
it’s because you’re spending zom all day
driving every single day but if you want
a bus and you have your driver and he’s
driving during the night then waking up
early I’m going to see some things is
definitely more plausible because you
know when I was in Milan I got to see
the Last Supper and stuff like that
oh and that’s kind of cool you know
so with do you remember your first
monuments tour yeah the first-ever tour
was actually with okay so it was a
really short tour and the opening band
you’re not going to believe
so it was headlined by caster city okay
and then we were main support and then
opening was while she sleeps what the
what the yeah that was a now
that would definitely be the other way
yeah I mean you know while she sleeps
great bands right dudes
they acosta do became huge man it’s yeah
absolutely massive yeah and you know
they worked hard we saw how hard they
worked on that tour and you know
afterwards and stuff like that really
good guys man but while she sleeps guys
yeah Saturday I saw while she sleeps and
architects on a festival and I oh yes
I was what the has happened
like these are a huge huge huge and
architects especially is huge
yeah Architects got really big in the
past few years but I’ve seen architects
have been around since early fell silent
I remember seeing them around
they had an EP called you don’t walk
away from dismemberment or something
like that and I remember hearing and
thinking this band of amazing no
but I’ve seen them play some of the
worst venues in the UK – now some of the
best venues okay yeah all over the world
Germany as well yeah I mean they’re play
you know they would headline at ESSEC
fabric when they on one of their shows
or in their they headlined by the life
recall in Cologne already which is ,
people two years ago yeah so they they
are already settling into that level
which I’m I’m so happy for them but yes
I know how it is plane up metal band
yeah yeah I mean they just had they just
headlined I think it’s lost you know
they headlined round house in London
which is I saw the the I saw the
footage yeah that’s really but I mean
maybe not a long time so you know places
them no yeah absolutely so your first
tour that was a short tour
yeah there’s any like five shows so you
were playing four songs on that tour but
immediately after that’s all we got off
with our first European tour with our
agent that picked us up Marco from
avocado okay
and we toured with winds of plague
headlining stick to your guns as main
support and then a band called for today
which obviously listening to all those
bands we were completely out of place no
the – did you open or yeah we opened
yeah did anyone even understand what was
going on or is it like not iteration
where everyone just stands there and
you’re like gonna maybe erase some metal
horns but it doesn’t make any sense yeah
well basically on that tour most of the
crowd especially in Germany would just
stand there with their arms crossed
because they didn’t know where to flay
all their arms and legs no they would
have they would have punched him yeah
they wanted to break down he’s out so
yeah it was kind of a weird tour for us
obviously because no one really got it
like but then after that’s what we got
off at the periphery tour which was a
lot better for us you know obviously
it’s fail its periphery tesseract
monuments in Europe in the UK and then
in Europe it was periphery monuments the
safety fire okay so per if we haven’t
been a lot have been around here a lot
right like there I just I just did a
tour I remember that yeah but in the
meantime they focused on the US yeah so
yeah the periphery kind of come up at
the same time like
were you aware of each other yeah I mean
I’ve known Misha since sick that’s
long yeah so basically back in the day
you obviously had you know forums
instead of you know MySpace so everyone
kind of met on the machiner forum there
was a Meshuga forum yeah there was yeah
it was ran by a guy called tangent I
remember that and I remember his name
right now but yeah like Paul Ortiz was
on there as well like Paul Ortiz his
first record came out in so
technically B is all that’s the chimp
spanner all the bad guys were in all
the forums yeah basically yes string
or harmony central and Meshuga forum
once the I used to visit it’s nice that
all of you people met because you were
played seven string guitars yeah that’s
basically yeah we just like played the
style of music that was starting to you
know make waves on those forums like you
know if you think that in that’s
was when it kind of started that
sound no one really cared about that
sound until why was that well
periphery one came out in okay like
no one really paid that much attention
like you know the fell silent came out
in but no one really paid that much
attention to it maybe a little bit too
early you know so they kicked it off
yeah I think that the periphery were
walk kicked off the whole gem scene okay
and you were even though that even
though there was jam bands before or
there was albums that came up before
that first album it’s just that that’s
what everyone sort of worn – I guess so
there it was defined in that that point
but the name maybe wasn’t around already
like that djent djent or was that is
that a thing back then yeah Jen is
actually mentioned on the KS fear DVD
when Frederick’s explaining is sound
explained in is like a jet engine yeah
that’s kind of I think Misha took it
from there okay I can’t really
completely remember Bob pressures on the
KS fit DVD all I’d be wrong
so if I’m wrong I’m sorry okay that’s
totally fine let’s let’s jump to the
amanuensis yeah what’s that
yeah that came out in yeah and that
was when you when it kind of took took
off or yeah and you say that yeah for us
I mean obviously we had quite a few
tours on on gnosis but I feel like that
Chris’s vocals on the amanuensis sort of
like took us up to the next stage that
we needed to sort of advance further and
you know from the amanuensis we went on
seven tours in you might have even
been eight tours that’s so sick like I
thought I would be I would be straight
up no now I’m not gonna do that
yeah but in for I would have done
it like let’s go exactly like so we
didn’t you know we did it all with
protest the hero over the summer and we
toured with a German band called dynamic
actually oh well with Paul and the yeah
cardi and the brutal brother offset yeah
yeah when we toured with them in the May
just before the album came out then we
toured with protest the hero just as the
album came out then we did you know a
bunch of smaller festivals in the UK and
then we did the massive tour month
tour so yeah we were away for a lot that
year when our album came out well you
know was we’re not in we did
carnival than Soundwave I remember that
I’ve been on in Dortmund yeah you were
there yeah I’m over there that was sick
yeah it was cool I mean it was pretty
horrible to play before carnival because
they are so they’re really good because
there’s just an amazing yes and yeah it
was really difficult for us well for me
anyway to like try and be before how
great that is
you know be I mean we did a lot of
touring off the amanuensis and you know
it was received really well so hopefully
the next record will be received just as
well you know so is it is your goal to
reach that amount of touring as well I
guess not
though I’d much prefer to do like more
strategic tours I guess is the wrong way
to put it because you know we lost so
much money on the last record cycle
mainly because we didn’t get paid by
Soundwave and because they you know they
created yeah another interesting story
yeah that’s another one for another day
yeah so basically we just want to I
think we want to be more strategic make
sure it makes sense financially and also
is this gonna help us get to any other
place on our career you know yeah so it
was hard to a sustain of like you you
all had to live somewhere you had to pay
bills and everything but did that work
out or it was really really difficult
yeah I mean you know just as a sworn he
was living on his dad’s sofa I was at my
mom’s house for a little bit and I was
aged and then you know Mike was at his
parents house that’s fine
all he’s you know all he saw it with his
family so it’s okay but you know we’re
quite lucky in that scenario that you
know we can you know most of us can go
back to our parents if we need to now
like I know people that are in touring
bands that live in storage places like a
storage room like it’s people don’t know
that let’s let’s raise awareness its wow
it can’t be pretty up and being
and you don’t know how to pay and
there’s and there’s some real
psychological holes you can fall into
it’s very it’s a very very hard subject
that people are completely you know
almost clueless to it because they’re
like oh you’ve got all these really nice
guitars you have these nice amplifiers
and it’s like well I’m sponsored by this
company and they want me to play a
guitars but having these guitars doesn’t
pay my rent or it doesn’t pay for me to
eat yeah you know I mean so it’s like
that people think that you have lots of
money because you have this nice gear
when it’s actually the complete opposite
I mean you have a nice if you’re
contracted you get
soda when you when I when I go to the
ibanez office I get a coffee and a soda
so they kind of pay for my beverage yeah
I’m there but they don’t they don’t they
don’t pay your rent no that doesn’t
happen no it’s not like the old days you
know and bought that Malaya was around
must have good completely different yeah
must have been completed if and it’s
just cos you know the amount of record
sales has gone down it’s just completely
changed the basically how the industry
is yeah I guess basically what it is
it’s just like iTunes has ruined
everyone yeah it’s the completely
different world right now which which
brings me to your other outlet flux flux
conduct yep why did that start and was
it just is it the same procedure like
that stuff doesn’t fit monuments let’s
start another bed no it was basically
I’m I was getting into hands immer quite
a lot and orchestral music and I always
wanted to write orchestral music so it’s
kind of an experiment for me to try and
mix the meld I do with monuments with
all these orchestral instruments yeah I
was also in a really bad depression
state when I wrote Katzie and it was
kind of my I use music as a catharsis to
get rid of things and that was me trying
to get rid of it like you were you were
I didn’t talk to you about it but you
were really pissed like I really like I
can hear it from my speakers though yeah
music I can really feel the being pissed
part about that record and it’s yeah to
me it was it was intense to listen to
because it’s when people hear this
they’re gonna say oh man he’s just
talking so much but I mean I’m
I’m seeing the art and I don’t care what
what style of music it is
you could have yeah you could have it
could have been a classical album that
you have wrote with your keyboard and I
would still have felt the it wasn’t it
was kind of pissed yeah but it was
actually more I guess pissed is probably
the right word actually yeah I think
you’re probably right yeah but it was
definitely also a little bit
on colic yeah that is well like pissed
melancholic state I really like good
good job you translated it was a it was
translated thank you I’m really good at
transmitting hate to music or anger and
stuff like that but when it comes to me
being happy I can’t run music like when
I’m I’m writing music for a for a
project right now that I can’t talk talk
about it’s metal okay but yeah I’m not
pissed man I’m just not under pissed
anymore exactly I think you know as well
that’s why Debian didn’t want to be
strapping out loud anymore cuz he wasn’t
angry about anything so I couldn’t do it
can’t fake it up man I I don’t I don’t
even want to fake being pissed no
actually yeah you actually need to be
pissed off and that’s how that’s how
people write different music because
they are not pissed anymore exactly a
lot of times that’s the reason yeah I
agree with you I think that’s also why
some people lose their edge over time
you know like metal bands like you
always hear people all this was their
best record and it’s probably because
they were the most pissed off they’ve
ever been
Slipknot there that’s the yeah that’s
the biggest example for for that Iowa
Iowa Iowa that’s the pure pure hate I
think yeah I think so too I think Iowa I
mean the first record is really good as
well but Iowa is so good I remember and
I know I barely tells us people like
Iowa was a record where I sat at my desk
and head banged the out of me like
alone in my room being a teenager and
just just just doing it it’s funny
because when I first heard Iowa I didn’t
like it I think I didn’t like Slipknot
as well in the beginning now at all it
took a long time to understand or I
think I think what it was for me when
was that duality came out that’s how I
got onto the band yeah Alina’s duality I
was like that’s a really cool rhythm
check it out again I have to have to buy
those those vans slippers with
black-and-whites the first that that’s
what I thought I have to get all of this
I have to get a mask I actually bought a
mask oh my god I have I have a mask at
Joey Jordison one because I wanted to be
a drummer so bad yeah never hold a drum
kit in my life
yeah nor why I die now to play drums I
just programmed things I think drums
might be a place I’m happy it turned out
that way I could just press buttons and
it sounds like drums kind of it doesn’t
have the feel but it misses the feel
yeah it doesn’t give you the response of
a loud allowed piece of wood that’s why
braiding in your room it’s pretty much
like a like an amp like your game I just
you’re playing a digital one it’s sounds
awesome but the it’s not like the room
is not really vibrating exact words
that’s the point why two bands are still
around it’s because it moves air yeah
that’s what’s missing in the recordings
of digital right when you hear and am
with you know coming from a mic you
captures the room that the amp is in as
well and that’s part of the sounds that
everyone likes in their guitar I’m sorry
you know when you hear because your
records like the fonts of ours or the
way of all flesh you can hear the room
sound in the guitar amplifier senators
out sick and the wood is moving and that
does a different sound to the air and
that’s a whole different different thing
to to talk about yeah anyone ever says
again the model is a bad and she
balanced the stupid it’s really
stupid I mean I stoop sending it
through a cab is the main difference
yeah actually moving the air and making
it magic and yeah it’s not it’s not the
same every day like you can’t recreate
up whatever man this is a deep this is a
Univ universe talk endless anyway it’s
the same level as two bounces when they
can completely quantum work out the
environment around
yeah and recreate it and I think
whatever happen it will probably happen
at one point and the robots are gonna
kill us all and us fine yeah I’m not
even mad I’m just gonna enjoy the time
and as long as I’m on this planet as
long as I get to see watch Teresa may
get stabbed it’s all right okay it’s a
special special country it is so what’s
your goal always to be a guitarist like
in the state you are in right now you’re
doing so much stuff and you I don’t
think you have a shitty part-time job
anymore no I don’t have a part-time no
obviously this things that I do couple
of things I’m working towards right now
as well which I can’t talk about right
now yeah but I’ll tell you after this so
you know be a couple of little things
that I’m working towards you know I
obviously monuments will be there
writing music and stuff like that but it
just doesn’t pay the bill so you know
you’ve got to work out the other outlets
so that’s what I’m working towards right
now you know some other little things
here and there basically and I have a
signal signature guitar through – which
helps as well so that’s cool so you’re
not poor anymore you can you can I mean
I’m still poor yeah you know I like I
can afford my rent it was amazing
yeah that’s good that’s all I wanted to
ever do actually from music was pay my
rent so Marez him around have some food
yeah it maybe once a month go eat
something cool with the lady like basic
yeah stuff and maybe go on holiday yeah
we’re like normal people like we’re
going to Thailand for three and a half
weeks and amazing nice I I mean I got
the flight covered but I still have to
figure out how to get to the spending
money exactly dude up in there I mean I
went to Cambodia last year for three and
a half weeks and spend a lot more money
than I then we thought we were but
luckily I actually had the money which
I’m actually still amazed that I did so
be honest I’m just gonna wait for magic
to happen and actually normally that’s
what happens to me it’s really weird
like when I’m broke I normally just
i something will come along that will
something happens yeah it’s really weird
as long as you have positive vibes you
know like constantly worrying about
it’ll just happen like I mean I’m I’m a
home I’m working from home doing a lot
of different weird stuff that people
don’t really think I’m getting money for
like that’s the that’s the thing and you
can’t really explain explain anyone what
you’re really doing like growing up
people that have a regular job so two
months ago what no it was one month ago
I was at a point where I realized okay I
don’t know how okay let’s see what next
next month let’s see what happens so
five minutes after that I got a tour
management offer for buddy Tyler and as
Wow okay dude that was that was weird
yeah sorry man so I’m going there and
Sunday which will save me for another
so it it’s I pissed sometimes but it
some it happens out some hell yeah I
mean what would you rather would you
rather be a slave where you’re spending
nine hours a day somebody wait you don’t
want to be or struggling just a little
bit and then you know lend the universe
to its thing always struggle a little
bit like exactly man like you know we’ve
all been in nights bike jobs and I
realized age today something I just
didn’t want to do okay so it was that
early with you that yeah the real world
it’s not your young you know it’s like
why do I need money to eat it makes no
sense you know it makes no sense why do
I need money to drink water when my body
needs water so I’m waiting in the next
few years for when Donald Trump and
Teresa may trying tax air you know like
it’s gonna is literally tire turning
into Total Recall it’s actually kind of
insane you actually takes their bad but
most people just say oh that’s the way
it is but when you actually take a step
back it’s actually parables say it
everywhere it’s becoming insane like and
if you’re I think if you’re not starting
to do what you laugh you’re gonna regret
it at one point because there’s gonna be
some some hell hellish stuff going on I
think so – yeah totally think so and I’m
trying to come in
convinced my significant other to move
to Asia or something like a an own
island and build our build our house
from wood just yeah just Chile that
interests in a forest I mean I know we
probably sound quite crazy now to the
populace but huh I don’t know I just
think that it’s it’s just a little bit
weird you know like people you know go
to work nine hours a day spend their own
money to get to work and then it’s hold
what days they can can’t have off I
don’t really understand how that’s any
different than slavery
it’s well I think the same like I can’t
breathe when I’m in this environment
like yeah I’m actually trying to get
another part-time job right now just to
go somewhere you know like hours a
week yeah
and when I when I have those those job
interviews I I have very good talks like
it’s very entrepreneurial and they are
you talking about like I get along with
these people very well but they do not
want to employ someone like that because
they know that you’re gonna hate it
yeah they want they want to employ just
like someone that’s gonna be a you know
a statistic basically yeah someone who’s
just gotta work out exactly I can make
it bracken and don’t complain like it I
I can yeah it’s another work we’re going
to the edges of rabbit holes here down
the rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland so
yeah loads of pictures of fly garlic
mushrooms it must be happening somewhere
yeah what what would you tell your
year younger self don’t up don’t
up yeah I say to my ten year
younger self I remember you told me a
story about Roslin telling you to not
up yeah yeah like he’s really nice
and I can understand you know like just
a random dude coming in and being in
charge of his guitars in front of ,
people at the Wembley Arena I can
understand that
I would potentially be really nervous
about someone doing that as well someone
who I don’t know yeah exactly so like I
met him the start of the four days five
days that I did for him
attack and you know he’s I said a loan
to him in the foot the only thing he
said to me for the first two days was
don’t up that was the only sentence
and then two days any started talking to
me some more and then on the last day he
gives me a massive hug and said she did
a really great job thank you very much
amazing which is really cool and you
know he’s asked for me to be his tech
since then a few times and it’s just
that monuments has been too busy so it’s
never happened
these are really nice dudes like you
know all the machine that guys are
really nice like I saw David clean in
San Francisco in October it was good to
see him I’d seen him for a while he’s a
really good dude you know yeah it’s like
I said most male bands like most people
you meet will be really nice people you
know so I guess that’s why I always give
people chances he had a second chance
were ready I always give second chances
well yeah it’s bad day no no he’s really
nice they was really cool to work for
him it’s really cool to be his guitar
tech you know let’s see some cool
nice yeah what’s cool don’t up
that’s what I would tell my ten year or
so that’s interesting I never had that
under on the show like everyone’s like
ah be patient
chill out don’t be too hard on yourself
that’s what what I would tell my myself
that’s like don’t up that’s very I
like it you know the symbol on the front
of the album cover it’s like a circle
with turns in it that symbol is actually
from the Hopi Indians and it actually
means life and the turns on maize
represent the choices made in life and
in the middle is complete contentment
that you’ll notice that you can never
reach the middle so basically life is
just amazing each decision you make as a
turn in that maze and I think that’s
kind of like a really cool way to view
life then you’re trying to reach
contentment and in every decision will
take you towards it regardless of what
decision you make so yeah I’d kind of
like you know like it’s just like pretty
Universal it’s like try not to do
anything that would you know for anyone
else or yourself yeah it’s cool what
what makes you angry or does
pointed about other people coming up in
the music scene or in the in the YouTube
scene or in the gear gear review scene
like what whatever comes to mind most of
them Cartwright music and their and
they’re not self-aware about that like
they don’t they don’t check out their
own stuff they’re not critical about
themselves that make us so pissed yeah
for me it’s like I spent years like
being really like you know fair enough
people don’t like the music I write I
understand that’s his personal
preference they don’t really say that
just you don’t like it but like
I’ve got a pretty wide demographic and
music that you know I like and as I said
before you know like I will even if I
don’t appreciate someone’s music if
they’re good people I’ll like it and if
a lot of people like it and I’m just
like well it must be good because you
know people are liking this music and
yeah I can say that for quite a few
artists now they’re doing really really
well I just don’t like their music and
it’s not me being a con but I won’t go
on the internet and say your music
you know because it’s not there’s
obviously not it’s just that I just
don’t personally like it and for me
though some of these guys coming home
and YouTube literally card write music
like and you know that I when
something’s good I’ll know it’s good you
know I mean I’m not saying that you know
that that’s what the universal thing
that my saying is the right opinion yeah
but you know you know when something’s
good right you know like the first time
you heard my sugar you didn’t like it
but you knew that there was something
good about it and just need a bit of
time to mature I needed to write I
needed to understand it for myself like
I needed to I needed the identification
with myself like exactly I just needed
the path to it for me exactly so that’s
kind of what I’m saying it’s like you
know when musics good even if you don’t
like it you know right that’s really
well-written it’s really well performed
you can tell that they mean exactly what
they’re doing but some of these guys on
YouTube it is yes it is
it’s so bad and I know that
sounds horrible but it’s bad and
I’d already get like I don’t really get
some of it like you know like some of
these reviewer guys they don’t really
ever review what
either they just kind of play and talk
about what they like about it but it’s
not really you you know I mean it’s
something that I’m working on as well so
I’m obviously doing certain things on
YouTube and I don’t like saying negative
things about things because you know I
kind of wish that we lived in Portland
lives it you know you ever seen the film
Hall and here’s a hoop which I don’t
know if Westside and the the the moral
of the story is the Whoville it’s a
tower on there and it’s only ever
positive news and you know we are in a
place where it’s always negative news so
I’ve been trying to focus on only
reviewing things that I can say
something positive about yeah and even
if you say something positive about it
because you like it you know that’s good
but some of these review guys don’t even
say anything like that they literally
play you know a couple of riffs on the
guitar explain what the guitar is but
don’t say exactly what they like about
it they don’t explain that chain that
they’re using to even get the sound so
you don’t even know what it is
yeah you know I mean so yeah I guess for
me I’m just like oh god can you write
something good can you put say effort
yeah can you please just like spend five
extra minutes on that yeah I said I I
said maybe maybe I’m in the wrong maybe
what they’re writing is great and I’m
deluded but I don’t think that’s the
case maybe we’re all deluded I don’t
yeah maybe some of these guys like they
like I I try and remain positive about
most music the some of its really bad
yeah and if it’s bad I don’t say
anything like I I would say it’s bad on
the video or anything like that I’ll go
I’ll just keep that to myself yeah I
mean there’s no point spreading any hey
you know because if they’re doing well
well get on him
they’ve done something right you know
not providing anyone any value but
people like that you know like you know
for example like PewDiePie yeah like
he’s annoying as but you know he’s
doing really well and I’ve actually
watched some of his videos because my
other half really likes to watch his
videos and you know what I have a lot of
respect for that man I do too you know
after watching them I was like okay yeah
you’re annoying a spot but you know
a party quite funny I can understand why
people enjoy this entertainment yeah I
watched him playing Resident Evil I
thought it was quite funny actually but
yeah like you know maybe that’s why I
don’t really say anything negative but
you know if someone says something
negative on my videos and I’ll throw
back some negativity back at them you
know yeah or make a joke out of it like
you can be see exactly you can’t be so
brilliant with with those haters
up oh no it’s just like you can’t just
say it and not explain why it
you know I think that’s just like well
why is it you know by then they
delete their comment exactly on I think
some piece of these people just want
some sort of they basically I’ve read a
song about this that yeah it’s actually
in pursuit of happiness and I think it’s
got something to do with envy yeah it’s
the first track on yetzer Hara it’s
about how people will say negative
things because they want a flicker of
the success that you’ve had it’s almost
like their way of trying to like get
some attention yeah yeah and I mean
there are some people they try to get a
hold of like bigger musicians and
everyone and it’s not working with being
negative like they probably they will
read it but they’re gonna think you’re a
dick exactly and if they do it’s like
Metallica or Kirk Hammett or James
Harris I will have won more money than
cent so you yeah you
what is your opinion
I’ve got Les Paul and cars and I
I’m happy why do I need to listen to
your yeah you know all right
you know but I could change the face of
Mel you know it’s like you can’t just
say something you literally just
can’t say that you have to give a reason
as to why you think it’s
absolutely on the same page yeah like
like as I said the reason that I think
that some of those YouTube guys are
becoming office because I just don’t
think that they’ve really spent the time
thinking about the song that they’re
presenting to YouTube or the world yeah
that’s the reason that I don’t think but
I will never say that on there you know
I won’t go on a YouTube video and say
I’ll just keep that to myself because
it’s not really beneficial to anyone in
the world not even not even to yourself
not even to me no and of course he
hustled yeah I mean so yeah I really
wish people would actually think about
what they write on the internet
sometimes you know but they don’t like
that’s getting worse is there is there
something that you wish you would have
done earlier started earlier or realized
earlier anything come to mind yeah I
really wish that I would have learned to
use my camera earlier for like YouTube
videos and stuff like that I really wish
that I just had well I’m pretty lazy
with learning new stuff and it’s not
necessarily lazy it’s more just like I
see the bigger picture on how long it’s
going to take and then taking that first
step makes it difficult yeah then once
I’ve taken the first step then I’ll get
well into it so I think I just wish you
know that some of the skills like you
know learning to use a camera learning
to edit video and all that sort of stuff
I delved into a lot earlier and it’s
nothing that would have been more
beneficial to me earlier on in the game
like you you would probably be at a
place like close to all hour or
something like for exactly just the
field that they are in like their
YouTube I think a lot of people don’t
even know that all eyes a bad guys well
really it they don’t they only know his
equipment videos yeah in that place yeah
I wish i I would I wish I would have
started to point my phone if myself
earlier yeah I’ve only been doing
YouTube videos now for about four months
I mean you did some playthrough stuff
yeah some playthroughs but they were
always fun accompany with my with my
stuff mainly only really four months I
did some place reviews no years ago and
stuff like that but in the last four
months I’ve tripled the amount of people
on my youtube thick so I’m at ten
thousand now on my youtube I started
four months and two days ago uh-huh
that’s when I uploaded my first video
that’s good oh where where we’re in the
same YouTube page yeah we are obviously
I’ve been doing a couple of little
things here and there but like you know
the ones with me like filming you know
me saying this is the helix with all
these sounds this is you know yeah you
know this this and this and I say that’s
why I stopped it’s let’s get a jump
stick I bought a jam stick I’m really
excited about this actually so it’s like
it picks up MIDI notes
that’s nice so instead of having to play
keyboard I get to yeah basically so
anyway so who do you who do you think I
should have should have on here anyone
with a sense of humor I don’t know
anyone I would you know like you know
other guitarists from different genres
maybe you know mixing engineers such as
snow yeah levy as well would be a good
one maybe maybe he maybe he wants to
come on my podcast I’m gonna ask him I’m
gonna ask him at one point you should
ask him man he’s a nice guy
he’s approachable I’m gonna do at one
point I thought about that yeah yeah
he’s a nice guy
you know he’s very very intelligent okay
maybe you know maybe people outside of
like this side of the music industry
maybe like you know you know you said
you had an endorsement with Ibanez maybe
asking your highest relations rep from
Ibanez to come on and talking about that
side of the music industry as well yeah
I don’t have any restrictions for this
it’s I don’t know what this is going
I just I just want to make it
interesting yes cool so where should
people go to find you what’s the obvious
I have my own YouTube channel which is
you know John Brown yeah easily search
my name don’t forget the e on the brown
then I’ve got you know flux conduct
facebook-dot-com forward-slash gloss
conducts facebook.com forward slash this
is monuments you can find me on
Instagram Brown monuments I think yeah
you just you know look for the guy with
a big hair that should be black but is
everyone look for that guy thank you
very much for for doing this and sharing
wisdom or fun with my with my small
audience you’re you’re very welcome
hey thank you very very very much for
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