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Hey. This is the blog section of my website where i share my thoughts besides my youtube videos.


This is a picture from Summer Breeze 2017. It's DWEF and I in front of the audience. Thank you! When does a single crew guy get thousands of metal horns? On summer breeze. just after he left his main band. I love you all! This felt incredible. I was checking something...

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Band Cashflow

Have you ever wondered how those bands can afford those fancy Sennheiser transmitters, those beautiful amplifiers and those in ear headphones that are at least a 1000 bucks each? Well... keep reading to find out. Mr. A: "Last time when i talked to Dave he said they...

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5 Most Listened Records (August 15th 2017)

Although i think "List-Content" is dangerous content, because it can be huge bullshit - i made a list. These are the records i listened to the most this year. Up until August 15th 2017. I did this to write something and to get back into the habit of creating stuff...

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? 5 Tips To Skyrocket Your Word Of Mouth As A Band

  Please keep in mind that these are ideas. Don't complain to me in 3 months that you have done a BBQ and you're not playing ozzfest mainstage yet. Or... yes please complain. This will make a fun video. So you have been reading all of the "how to... (insert band or...

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