Imagine you bringing your 2.000€ mega awesome guitar cab to a show. Someone else uses it before your show. And they come off stage and someone reaches his hand out to yours. The warm sweat touches your fingertips.

The guy shakes your hand like a man. “Hey bro. Thanks for providing the cab. I really appreciate it”

You start shaking. And your head eventually explodes. After you find yourself in heaven you realize what happened.

Some one said thank you for providing backline.

Its great right? Do it. Just do it.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂



welcome to this do-do-do-do who’s that guy who does he know man possible that i
don’t know shit but it’s possible that i’ve been to some places and did some
stuff that includes guitar playing and plugging into an amp so that’s what i
want to rumble upon and this one is about Declan sharing and I’m not
planning fingers but and I like to
so you’re asked to play this show in your hometown or wherever it doesn’t
matter you are not required to bring any back line so everything is going to be
there Drama Kids bass cab patara cab across the emails that you’re riding
with the local representative your friend I could be anyone that’s booking
the concert he says oh that band will provide the backline their local don’t
worry about that stuff so you go there younger beers and Showtime you go on
stage you just plug in your guitar your google drive of course because who plays
without OverDrive’s right you play your show go off stage where’s your thank you
to the band that shares their expensive equipment and the man and your stuff is
so cool you are so fucking cool your guitar cab is so cool if you play
another show and back line is provided by anyone else it could be a company say
thank you they are bringing big pieces of equipment and you can play it you can
say things a band that’s providing back lines and you could just let’s start a