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Why I Am Using A Kemper

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE For almost three years the Kemper Profiler has been my go to unit for everything. Why i’m using it? – Convenience and Speed.  I’m not a gear nerd, not a gear slut. I love to own just a few pieces of equipment but definitely know the ins and outs of it and i know what they’re capable of and how my creativity can build on that. It’s perfect for touring and perfect for the studio. CAPTIONS big I’m a minimalist it was too big for me I hated all the cables I hated all the the...

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Do you REALLY need a Record Label?

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE Yes – Of course i had to make this video. How else could i be a music related channel? Thank you for asking! Other than that – There are a ton of reasons to sign to a label but also a ton of reasons not to. I couldn’t even talk about a fraction of all of them in this video. The point is – you can do SO INCREDIBLY MUCH yourself. If you would know how many huge as fuck bands still handle their Merch themselves. (Okay maybe with an assistant, but it’s technically still in...

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Stop Putting Your Equipment On A Pedestal

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE Musicians and “Gear Nerds” tend to put their gear OVER their health. That’s just one problem. They’d never put their gear on an IKEA desk but they’re sleeping on a 150$ mattress and putting the cheapest food into their bodys and wondering why they’re fucked up. Okay. Let’s put that aside. If you put your gear on a pedestal you will be crippling your creativity. Practicality ALWAYS has to stand before aesthetics and “style”. This is a craft – not a show off. CAPTIONS what’s up back with another video today I’m I have to address...

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What METAL artists can learn from HIP HOP artists.

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE I’m impressed by how HipHop Artists are releasing their new music. They can build an audience incredibly fast that way. They focus on ONE SONG at a time and make a proper video for it with a great story and release it. If you are butthurt by this then i understand why. But the hip hop culture is so incredibly fast and they’re hacking it at a speed that is at least a 100x compared to most things metal and rock. CAPTIONS welcome back to my channel welcome back to another video you are here probably...

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You just CAN NOT SUCK at communication!

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE The music industry is a pretty weird place. And weird people often enough communicate pretty weird. You actually shouldn’t! Communication isn’t a random skill that is either in someones possession or not. Randomly. It is a skill that you can learn. And if you learn it well you will be on your way just fine. Because PEOPLE SKILLS are where it’s at. CAPTIONS what’s up guys Sasha here back with another video back in my studio today I want to talk about a super super super important skill that you have to develop whether you’re an...

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How To Market Your Music With Influencers

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE It’s that new flashy Term – INFLUENCER MARKETING. Brands and Manufacturers are using the hell out of this practice and so should you. Because it works at every stage of the entire scale. Wether you’re small or big. You just have to provide value and contact a shit ton of people. Attention is the key! The more you get, the more you get! You can work with youtube influencers as well if you’re in METAL. Or whatever music you create. CAPTIONS hey what’s up back with another video from my vehicle I’m taking a break on...

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Here’s How I’m Writing Metal Songs QUICKLY (1 HOUR METAL PRO TOOLS SESSION)

This is really the first time ever i’m showing you how i record music. How i’m writing music and how i actually do anything at my desk besides just talking about stuff.   I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE APPLICABLE LINKS ⚙Free Songwriting Evaluation ✅ Distribute your music on ALL platforms YOURSELF and KEEP the MONEY (and save 7%): DISTROKID: (Affiliate Link, but you save money) ⚙Facebook, IG, E-Mail List & Blog ⚙Are you new here??? I’m Sascha Rissling from Cologne, Germany. I play guitar and produce music. I am...

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Rely On The Promoter Bringing People To Your Show

Here’s a video about how i think that it’s not always the promoter’s fault on why there are not enough people on your show. Most of this was triggered through an article i’ve read on The Punk Rock MBA . That Article is about how to market or advertise a tour or an event with facebook. You can’t always rely on the promoter. Let me know if you have ever paid for ads on your tour! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE APPLICABLE LINKS   🤘🏻PUNKROCK MBA Article on Facebook Ads: ⚙Free Songwriting Evaluation ✅ Distribute your music...

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Why would my band need an email list? This is adult stuff!

We have reached the end times. It’s over. – No it’s not. Sometimes only one to four percent of your facebook followers can actually see what you’re trying to tell them. Over the past years people have either stopped, or didn’t even start creating an email list because they thought it’s the end all be all. Hell – some don’t even trust it yet in 2018. An email list does not care if facebook changes it’s algorithm. An email list does not care if instagram changes it’s algorithm. An email list does not care if youtube changes it’s algorithm....

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How To Restring Your Guitar And Actually Stay In Tune

Every time i restring my guitar i’m thinking “hey you should explain what you’re doing to youtube!” So this time i finally did. I didn’t have my cleaning liquids and everything i need, but i wanted to do it anyway – so i did. It took me quite some years to get behind the whole string stretching technique. It’s CRUCIAL FOR YOUR TUNING!   In this video i’m showing you my step-by-step on how i restring my guitar and how i stretch the strings to reach the most possible tuning stability.  Thank you in advance for being here and...

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