Just 7 Tips and Ideas for bands starting out.

There are probably about 347 more of those but the video is already 15 minutes long.

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welcome back to another video today yes
everything looks different again it’s a
square room it’s pretty hard for mixing
in a square room so I’m two three times
a week I’m looking for different
positions and placing my panels
differently but never the less is that
the best thing to say right now I don’t
know I’m German we are talking about
seven tips for bands starting out
if this is your first time here my name
is Sasha I’m a music producer and artist
advisor from the city of Cologne in
Germany I am looking at my notes I make
videos about all things running a band
navigating the music industry music
production and all types of other music
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now number one do not obsess over gear
if you want to start a band you probably
have some kind of combo amp or and a
guitar or if you’re a drummer you
probably have a drumset why would you
want to start a band without that get
the basics get something that works do
not spend a ton of money from the get-go
because running a band is very expensive
and the longer you do it it’s going to
be more expensive I’m going to talk
about that one at a later point again
don’t obsess over gear of course if you
are a gear slot you can drool with your
saliva over gear sites but for starting
a band you don’t need much stuff heaven
amp have a guitar have a drum kit if
you’re a singer
I don’t know buy a PA of course not but
yeah don’t obsess over gear you can
obsess over gear at a very very late
point I don’t obsess over gear not
sometimes but it’s like I’m obsessing
over very very very specific things that
are going to save me time or going to
really improve what I have or improve my
workflow use the stuff you have number
two if you want to start a band and you
are like actually starting a band and
I’m not talking about a solo project
where you’re writing stuff and you are
releasing it on the internet by yourself
if you want to start an actual band you
have to get other band members at some
and definitely look for skill so they
can play what you’re writing or you
can’t collaborate with them in writing
which rarely happens and I’m really
happy if people can write music together
but also look out for if you can hang
out with them do they share the same
vision as you do they do you like them
as a person because in the long run this
is way more important than skill you can
have the best drummer in the world but
if he’s an asshole
what what’s why would you want to be in
a band with him right
you’re not bad like Metallica where you
don’t have to see all day if you don’t
want to because you’re in a different
country and you fly with a different
airplane to the show and you take a
different limousine to the stage or I
don’t know how that’s working for them
probably something like that definitely
look for human skills in other people
are they do you like hang out with them
do you like going to another show with
them do you like watching stupid videos
with them I don’t know
but friendship is more important than
skill but of course they have to be able
to play the stuff yeah that’s I could
talk about this point for hours as well
as the first point but I’m not going to
do that I’m going to save you
number three perfect is the enemy of
everything do not strive for a perfect
song a perfect release a perfect
anything get out there and play I see a
lot of people rehearsing for a year
because before they are playing a local
show and then they’re super obsessed
with this one show in a year and it it’s
like it doesn’t make any sense it’s
going to cripple you it’s going to
cripple the whole band it’s going to
cripple your your standing as a band
just get out there and play if
you only have three songs tell the
problem tell the people booking the show
you have three songs you’re going to
play as the first band get in the
experience because playing live
performing is a very very very diff
anything from standing in a rehearsal
room or standing in a studio or
recording your stuff at home playing
life is a whole different skill because
once you’re up there you really have to
think about what you’re doing are you
standing there awkwardly are you
standing there I don’t know and it takes
hundreds of shows until you get into a
performer mode without the help of
substances for example so don’t don’t
overdo it with rehearsing before the
first show it’s probably going to suck
anyways May I think one out of two first
shows sock I don’t know you were getting
used to whatever it is like you’re
getting used to the environment and it
takes a lot of shows to get used to
playing shows and start playing as early
as possible if you only have three songs
play cover song I don’t know it’s it’s
not that big of deal just get used to
perform number four and this ties in
with the first one just as another point
at just another field of being in a band
release music as early as possible
don’t don’t write the perfect song it’s
not going to happen the Beatles wrote
hundreds and hundreds of songs before
any of the songs that you know from the
Beatles were released everyone sucks at
the beginning the more songs you put out
because just writing it is not going to
I mean it gets you experience but not
putting it out there doesn’t give you
the experience of releasing stuff of how
our people are reacting to my stuff of
how are you reacting to how people are
reacting and really release music as
early as possible don’t obsess over it
write an EP write a song I don’t know
what genre you’re in if you’re in a more
popular popular music kind of genre or
indie you are probably going to want to
release one song and push the hell out
of it and then another song and then
another song and then another song if
you’re in a metal band you’re pretty
much because you always want to
a whole album and obsess over every
detail in minutes of music and then
you release it and no one cares just
release music as early as possible
number five learn the recording basics
so learn the basics of a digital audio
workstation get a cheap interface and
just stop just something to to get your
music together learn the basics of how
do i how do I put drum tracks together
pre-programmed drum beats how do I
record guitars over at how do I record
bass over that and how do I maybe get if
I’m just a guitarist how do I fake a
bass with my guitar so how what what’s
the easiest and fastest way to make the
guitar sound like a bass so you can
imagine so you can get a picture of a
song that you’re writing the idea that
you have in your head to to paper to
digital paper as in a digital on your
workstation as fast as possible so you
know you so you know what it sounds like
so you know where you’re getting it
because when you’re writing in something
like Guitar Pro or you are remembering
all the stuff and playing it over and
over again as soon as it hits production
stuff just suddenly sounds different
because it’s actually played and you you
don’t know if everything translates as
well as you thought it would be so
making your music audible as early as
possible is a very good thing so you
should learn the recording basics not in
a professional way but just to know how
to get your ideas out there if you have
any questions for that I’ve been
learning the basics for years until I
went studying all of this stuff so
definitely ask me in the comments about
that maybe I can make some videos about
it and that’s that learn recording
basics number six track expenses from
day one as I said earlier running a band
is a very very very expensive thing
so you should be on track with your
expenses from the very first day how
much does your rehearsal space cost how
much strings do you buy how many cables
do you need and just track it for and
even if your band breaks up after one
year you still had your you were still
getting used to tracking expenses and
just having a balance of what how much
is it to run a bed because you if you
run one band and even if it’s just ten
years later you’re probably ending up in
a band again and again and again or you
starting a band again or you’re doing
whatever you’re doing if you are ending
up in doing merchandise for a band in
five years I don’t know you have to no
matter what you’re doing in the music
business track expenses from day one
track income from day one track
everything and even if you’re just
paying for the first two years you’re
going to know how much you spent and
it’s going to give you a bigger picture
of the business side of your band
because eventually you will have a
business side of your band and if you’re
just writing down the rehearsal space
costs for every month and the pack of
strings you’re buying every two weeks
get it into an axle get it into a
spreadsheet so you are getting it done
so you know what’s happening and I can’t
stress this enough really track your
expenses because you will end up in a
business at at some point number seven
this is the last one
tell your story from day one this should
be a whole other video but a lot of
bands just post to ask people to do
something so subscribe to our YouTube
channel follow our instagram do this do
that by our merch do this and it’s just
in your face all the time it’s in your
face of the follower
all the time it’s indefensible
subscriber all the time of course I’m
asking you to I want to grow on YouTube
I want to grow on my blog I want to grow
on my Facebook and I want to go on and
my Instagram so I ask people but I
provide value as well I provide story
and even if it sounds like I’m making a
bigger thing out of it than it is I want
to have it a big thing at some point as
you may or may not understand and it’s
the same thing with your band tell them
what you’re doing tell them how you are
packing all the eps together make a
video if you’re camera shy do you better
start now to not be camera shy anymore
because that’s because that’s the same
because that’s the thing that matters
people actually want to know how you
went into a music store how you were
looking for the guitar how you picked
the guitar why you pick the guitar
people are interested in the most
trivial you can’t imagine and
that’s just a fact give them more
context about what you’re doing who you
are I don’t know how you’re driving to
the show and that is far way beyond the
picture of just holding beer bottles
together which is not the picture you
should post out there really think about
storytelling think about what do you
what what could be interesting and
sometimes what you think is not
interesting is actually interesting to
the to your audience and even if you
only have three people liking your
Facebook page and the first six months
talk to them it’s three people and they
care and you can make them care a lot
more if you put yourself out there if
you have the guts to tell what’s going
on if you have the guts to tell them
what you’re doing right now so hey I
mean sometimes I don’t know what to do
and I’m not showing a lot of my life on
here but as a band there’s just so much
to tell and you can there are amazing
tools for that Instagram stories
Instagram Instagram just like Instagram
posts Facebook live Facebook feed you
can absolutely go nuts with telling your
story and you don’t
have to be as intimate or as weird as
you think you have to be so really think
about telling your story from day one
and document it and people are going to
care so that have been seven steps on in
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you think about the things I just said
leave a comment down below like share
take care whatever have a great Sunday
and I’ll see you in another one

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