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Although i think “List-Content” is dangerous content, because it can be huge bullshit – i made a list. These are the records i listened to the most this year. Up until August 15th 2017. I did this to write something and to get back into the habit of creating stuff because i was kind of not feeling it for a while.

Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016)

I’ve listened to this record since it was released last year. And i haven’t stopped. As well as with Northlane i didn’t really listen to Architects before this record found me.

I really just checked it out when people were posting about it like I always do when people talk about stuff. Just because I’m too lazy to go discover stuff on my own. (I’m serious)

I think the first track I’ve heard was Nihilist. Probably because its the first track on the record. I did NOT know that this record was kind of a goodbye letter to this world by Tom Searle. I already connected with the music intensely before i knew that. – I mean – No one really knew he was that sick. So when the news dropped that he passed away and I’ve read that this is kind of a goodbye letter to this world i connected on a really extreme level. Like – i have never felt this way before when i was listening to something.

This summer i saw this band live for the first time. If you have the chance – go do it. Support this band. I think they deserve the whole world and beyond. (Insert 7000 more words about architects)

Northlane - Mesmer (2017)

I've probably listened to this album about 25 to 50 times this year. I have not listened to this band at all before this album. I knew the name and i knew it was some sort of djent-ish modern new-hip core dreamy kinda stuff. And I'm very hard to get with this kind of music. 

When the album was released in March (with no prior marketing) it made me curious - but i didn't listen to it in the first place. But after they had an interview on the Hard Noise podcast and said that they mixed to tape and it was produced by David Bendeth i was sold. I stopped the podcast and listened to the record immediately.

I didn't expect it but i was sold. For good.

This shit is deep. I was never a vocal-lyrics kind of guy but man does this Marcus has a voice. I don't care what he's singing about but i totally believe what he's saying. The atmosphere on the album is killing me and it's all in all a very sick and beautiful record. It has everything I miss in Deftones. So i guess this record is kind of my Deftones-Fanboying.

When i met Marcus Bridge (vocals) for the first time on this years' Vainstream Festival in Münster, Germany i gave him a big and strong manhug before really saying anything because it felt like i already knew him.

It kind of made me rediscover music all over again.


Decapitated - Anticult (2017)

As well as for the Northlane record I made the final jump to listening to this through the Hard Noise Podcast (CJ from Thy Art Is Murder is a Host). Before that i couldn't quite wrap my head around this band although I do have a strong death metal background. The band just wasn't for me in the beginning. I'm planning to relisten to all their previous stuff though.

I wasn't really expecting what i've heard when i pressed play on Anticult. I thought i was going to hear some tech-stuff. Which is hard to be diverse these days. Turns out...

This is just pure Metal. It's amazing. So many emotions and different styles of extreme metal - you can't really tell what it is. And i honestly don't care.

For me as a producer and engineer i hear (less than others) how the production sounds and i have to say i haven't quite heard something like that lately. It's modern but somewhat oldschool. The drums are very interesting. I like the vocals and the guitars are just in your face. The thing is mixed by Daniel Bergstrand. So i expected it to be good anyway.

Of course it wouldn't be great without the band. The songwriting is sick. I kind of felt like listening to Slipknot's IOWA for the first time. So that was a great feeling.

The record is sick. Listen to it!

Plini - Handmade Cities (2016)

This record is somehow very personal for me. I think the reason for that is that I was never quite the guitar instrumental music guy - although i'm a guitarist and i have been playing very technical music. ( Fuck You And Die ). I haven't been listening to Plini either before this most recent album.

Eventually i checked Plini out when i learned that my friend (who i haven't met in person yet but know for like 6 years) Simon Grove started to play Bass for Plini.

It didn't really click with me in the beginning. But then this album dropped. And I check everything out where people I like are involved. May it be as a technician, manager, producer or actual musician. I'm just foing to check it out. Even if it's electro-dub-core.

I think the reason i love it so much is that the lead guitar acts as a vocal. - At least that's my interpretation.

The rythms on this record really resonate with me and they just make you move. The songwriting is magnificent and all the leads aren't that "leady" and they add to the composition. And there are literally no show-offs about how sick someone can play.

It's Cool-Guy-Prog and i love it.

Opeth - Sorceress (2016)

Opeth. It's one of the few bands I travel for and make shit happen to see them. Once i woke up at 4:00 AM somewhere in the czech republic to catch a plane back to cologne to see Opeth. Otherwise it would have been an 8 hour-ish travel and seeing Opeth would have been endangered. Not on my watch...


This album dropped right when I was on a beautiful vacation in the north of Ireland with my other half. We had this cottage in the middle of nowhere and the atlantic was our backyard. It literally was. Check this out:

So we've been driving around with our car and we checked out all those amazing sights and listened to Sorceress a lot of times. You can't go really fast there. Either because you actually really can't or because you want to see these video-game-like landscapes which are unreal and incredibly beautiful.

Every time i listen to this record i'm basically back in the north of Ireland. Driving the Wild Atlantic Way with Fanni.

This record is pure magic to me.

I hope you enjoyed this bulk of text and maybe you're going to check some of the stuff i recommended. These are records i like and these are not in any way reviews of those records. These are my personal experiences.

Although the "Check Out On Amazon"-Buttons are Affiliate links. I'm saying this so no one has to ask if they are. And i think i legally have to inform you about that.

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon.

Write me an email if you like.