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A lot of questions about “why isn’t a specific thing happening to me”.

Most of the time it’s just patience.

But that comes just AFTER you’re putting in good work…


what’s going on back with another video
unfortunately back in a car video
unfortunately again unfortunately really
the best video ideas come when I’m on
the go so I am driving to the city of
Dusseldorf right now just Dolph to go
after my part-time job and I have
thought of the video title which would
be interesting three reasons your band
is not taking off what does taking off
actually mean it’s I mean everyone’s
defining taking off differently but
okay what is taking off is taking off a
million Instagram followers
you could buy those is taking off
, Spotify plays you can do it is
taking off million Facebook Likes you
can do it and you can define taking off
for your self so
the I’m just going to go over three
points here and the first point number
one are you content with your music are
you do you like your music
are you critical with yourself are you I
mean is your music good or are you just
putting out there because it’s a
finished song and these are a couple of
questions you have to ask yourself are
you asking people for feedback whenever
you’re writing a song are you asking
other people who are not in the band to
tell you how do you do you like this
song is it actually good and this is
something you have to go out of yourself
for to get feedback from people that you
actually value because there’s only so
much knowledge you could get from
YouTube Facebook or Instagram comments
on your music and that is what is your
music actually good number two are you
reaching people are you playing enough
are you reaching people on social media
are you only posting when you’re playing
a show are you only posting when you
have new music once a year it’s and
really be honest with yourself how much
are you doing to get in front of
people’s eyeballs or in front of
people’s ear holes into people’s ear
holes how much are you doing for that if
you have a still have if you’ve if you
have a full-time job how much time after
your full-time job are you investing in
your band in your music project how much
are you doing if you’re not doing and
you’re talking about
that nothing is happening but in
retrospect you’re not doing anything is
anything happening if you’re not doing
anything nothing is happening and the
thing is if you don’t do anything
there will be no possibilities there
will be no opportunities there will be
no people like no one is ringing at your
door out of nothing no one’s doing that
you’re not getting awarded for nothing
and these are two things you have to
consider and number three and that’s the
whole point of this video number three
is patience
I mean assume your music is fucking
great assume you’re super you have super
good-looking Facebook and lupard super
good-looking band pictures super
good-looking everything but it takes
years to take off or to have anything
happen the problem often times is small
shows mean nothing to a lot of people
but it’s actually the most they’re going
to be the most important shows even when
you start playing big festivals the
small shows are where it’s at the small
shows are where you have the most
engaged listeners the most engaged fans
the most engaged audience are at the
small shows when it’s packed when it’s
when there are more people because of
you and you are still going to have
small shows through whatever you’re up
to whatever your whatever level you’re
at I mean there are there are bands that
could fill two thousand capacity
locations but when they’re releasing the
record they’re still playing small
venues just to get this really engaged
pack of people who are desperately
waiting for the band to play so really
appreciate the small shows it’s not
nothing changes when you play bigger
stages it’s it’s more weird but it’s so
weird it’s so big you don’t know where
to go you don’t know what to do there’s
like your buddy is like five meters away
from you it’s super strange to be to
play really huge stage but it’s amazing
but really appreciate playing small
stages doing small stuff going step by
step for a year two years three years
five years I mean there are bands that
have been nowhere for ten years and then
something happened and then they’re
putting out this important record but
even if they would have been out the
gate with this important record they
wouldn’t have had the experience of the
ten years before putting out the record
so really I’m really deployed get
patients into your heart and into what
you’re doing because without patients
you’re not going to stand long I have
been very very very impatient a lot long
time and I’ve been waiting for stuff to
happen I’ve been blaming everyone else
for stuff that’s not happening to me
until I realized hey you have to do
something to get something so but that’s
just me so yeah patience super-important
could talk about it for three hours
straight about what patience means how
you should appreciate patience how you
should love to be after the process and
not the goal I know I’m just duplicating
a lot of gurus or a lot of people that
are putting content out in the Internet
but it’s actually the truth if you don’t
like putting out a video that gets only
views like I did yesterday if you
don’t like it then even if you if you
gain , views and you will not be
able to appreciate it at a higher level
so that patience is something I had to
teach myself and I have taught myself
how to be patient how to enjoy the
process how to have goals and work
towards them in small steps but to
really enjoy the work that is leading
towards those steps because once that
you once that you’re at a certain step
you are going to want to go somewhere
else that’s just human nature that’s how
we’re built it’s how our brains work
so these are just three reasons with a
little car driving rent I like doing
those car videos because I can’t really
think about what I’m saying because my
brain is in a completely different state
when I’m driving so I hope this finds
you well tell me if you are impatient
are you waiting for something to happen
is there anything anything specific that
you think might be the problem that’s
causing yours thing to not take off or
to not that’s keeping you from
appreciating the work that is that you
think doesn’t mean anything what a long
question well anyways thank you very
much for watching hit the like button
hit the subscribe button hit the comment
button take care of yourself and have a
very great day

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