Hey you’re here. Controversial titles seem to work. But i’m actually serious. I’m not the expert or life guru but i’m trying to pass on a feeling here.

Not giving a fuck is a skill. And there’s a fine line between becoming an actual asshole and spiritual freedom. (I’m just gonna call it like that now)

What I say is you shouldn’t give a fuck about other peoples point of view. You shouldn’t lose your empathy though. You should grow it instead and become an emotional ninja :).

If you are an artist and you care about other people’s judgement then you’re not an artist. You are in fact influenced by their opinions and because you are afraid of making a fool out of yourself. -> Its not art anymore. But thats a whole different rabbithole.

Not giving a fuck in the right style is giving you space in your brain and then you can actually evolve ideas, be creative AS HELL and enjoy life more.

Because: go ask your grandmother. Do it. Pick up the phone and ask her if she would have chosen to just start not giving a fuck about other peoples opinions when she was 25. Because she’s going to tell you YES most of the times. Their wiseness and experience and years of living taught them that it actually does not matter at all and you’re better off if you just do what you love and don’t give a fuck about other people’s point of view.

And this applies to how you treat your band in the business perspective.

Try things. Don’t give a fuck.

Stand in the doorway after your show and SHAKE EVERYONE’S HAND when they leave the location and thank them for being here and spending their free time for you.

You’re going to catch hate from the other bands. But you know what? You don’t give a shit and people will remember this and they will tell their friends.

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Just don’t give a fuck and do amazing shit.


(I highly suggest that you go watch old GWAR interviews, they are masters in this.)

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂