My Audio Service is based around helping other artists creating something awesome and finishing their projects in a very organized and short period of time. But first…  here is some of my work from the past: 



The Black Dahlia Murder – Drum Playthrough

Mixing, Mastering, Video Editing

I do consistently write and produce music for my own and over the years this has provided me a workflow that is very fast, effective and still very creative. 

To the left you can see me, Sascha, in my actual home studio, drinking coffee, wearing a metal shirt and just being myself, not looking into the camera. (This was a screenshot from one of my YouTube Videos)

No fancy photography in someone else’s studio. I know… that’s more of what you’d expect from someone who mixed something for The Black Dahlia Murder, but it works for me. Of course  i‘d like to have a nicer desk.. This one kills my back to be honest and I can’t wait to replace it.

In this room in the south of Cologne, Germany I arrange, write, mix, master, watch youtube videos, am creative, fuck around on my phone and spend most of the time of my day in. 

I live here with my lovely other half. That’s why I probably can’t track your band here. Tracking guitars from 9-5 is possible though. But other than that please understand that i do not offer lodging or accomodation. If you want this experience I highly encourage you to check out Ghost City Recordings.

My goal with this business is to create a very uncomplicated artistic environment and to work with other people that have a strong creative vision without being a dick about it. 

As you might realize, from the text you are reading right now, I’m probably not the right person to work with for everyone. But the point is: Everyone isn’t the right person for me either. 

So if you’re a cool, likeable, easy going person please feel free to contact me for any audio work. I’m not trying to mix as much as possible no matter what. 

It’s very cool to work with someone you actually like. Trust me. Try it.

I love mixing and I love music. I thought i’d just add that here.