As you may or may not know i run a Mixing and Mastering Studio.


For example.


1. You send me files that you recorded. Or you recorded with a producer.


2. I mix and master them. You give me money.


3. We make multiple high fives after the record is done and we’re both happy AS FUCK.


What i keep see happening is the poor quality of guitar and bass tracks that i get.

The majority lack just one MAJOR thing. Which is:




This is a BASIC. Tune your guitar. Very often. Before every time you hit record (Unless you have an EVERTUNE System . Change strings very often when you record an album. Like every 1h30min. I’m NOT FUCKING KIDDING! 






The Guitar itself is a piece of shit that needs to be redesigned. I don’t have the funds or the resources to do it. But someone needs to do it. Until then. Just use an evertune or a tuner. Often.

The sound starts in your hands. And the guitar can only translate it really good if its tuned fine. A great tuned guitar with a good playing technique through a shit amp sounds 100x better than a bad technique with a shit tuned guitar through a 5k+€ Rig.

Remember. Get the basics right.


Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂