You’re up and coming. You changed your bassist twice. Your background vocalist 4 times and your drummeur 16 times.

However many times you exchanged those people.

Unless they are the bassist of iron maiden, trivium or another big band that is relevant to your genre please keep them out. Your Wikipedia can be a page to do that. Detailed bandmembers – from what time to what time. Why. And so on. (Yes you can modify your wikipedia. WHY the hell not)

Your “Bio” or “About” text should give people an idea of the W’s.

Why, What, Where, Who and When.

I’m going to let you encode this yourself.

We are in a time where the attention span of the majority of people is at like 2% and lot of people hate reading. There’s podcasts and video. You don’t necessarily have to read if you want to know something. It saves you time. Time is king. Time is the asset.

Keep it simple and to the point. Please.

You can of course and for sure do a video about you. Which is called “Electronic Press Kit”

Take this as a reference. This is amazing.

Agent Fresco Electronic Presskit 2014.

It’s 2017 – we’re holding pieces of glass in our hands and there are cars that drive themselves.
There are no boundaries in telling your bands’ story.

Video, Audio, Text.

I mean if you want to write a novel about your bands history – do it. But the people that are maybe interested in working with you may not want to read it. Because it takes their time.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂