This episode was recorded in german but you’ll get the context in proper, formal and nicely executed english, my friend.

Okay. The story behind this:

One of my best friends in the world is running the social media’s of a 40k-Capacity Festival. He pointed me to this problem.

If you want to play a fucking big festival and you are not signed with one of the bigger booking agency’s of your country or are a one of a kind band – you already lost. Your chances to play this festival are FUCKING low. But it is possible. The people that organize these festivals are still music lovers.

People that think that festival organizers are assholes in suites counting money are wrong. If people would be organizing festivals just for money there would be no festivals. The time that needs to be invested into this is way too much.


Back to the topic. There are tons of people messaging those festivals, and even smaller ones. After i put this video out promoters of smaller festivals or shows actually reached out to me.

The majority of people think its okay just to send the same message to festival X that they sent to Festival Y.

Those emails are read by people that work in this industry. Like actually work. They get money.

Their kids go to school from that money. They invite friends to barbeques from that money and they go to vacations from that money. They eat and drink from that money.



“I messaged them, so there’s a chance, right?” – No. A copy-paste message actually kicks you out of the 2%-Chance of playing a bigger festival because you messaged them yourself.


Get. Fucking. CREATIVE.


Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂