I know that the struggle with songwriting is fucking real and that it is really hard to do it without feedback.

The feedback of your band, the feedback of the market, the feedback of the audience, the feedback of the world.

Sometimes we sit alone in our music-laboratory and we want to have the feedback of someone who is not attached to the project. Someone who can look at it from a distance without just saying “yeh it’s good bro”. I want to be that person for you. Submit your song(s) down here and get an outside perspective.

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Codex: How To Not Embarrass Yourselves As A Support Band (Part I)

Be on time. The time that the tour manager told you to be there. If you're stuck in traffic - let her/him know immediately. And it is not okay to say that you would've had to pay extra for that on your phone bill. Just do it.  End your soundcheck before your...
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This is a picture from Summer Breeze 2017. It's DWEF and I in front of the audience. Thank you! When does a single crew guy get thousands of metal horns? On summer breeze. just after he left his main band. I love you all! This felt incredible. I was checking something...
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Band Cashflow

Have you ever wondered how those bands can afford those fancy Sennheiser transmitters, those beautiful amplifiers and those in ear headphones that are at least a 1000 bucks each? Well... keep reading to find out.Mr. A: "Last time when i talked to Dave he said they...
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5 Most Listened Records (August 15th 2017)

Although i think "List-Content" is dangerous content, because it can be huge bullshit - i made a list. These are the records i listened to the most this year. Up until August 15th 2017. I did this to write something and to get back into the habit of creating stuff...
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ūüďÉ 5 Tips To Skyrocket Your Word Of Mouth As A Band

  Please keep in mind that these are ideas. Don't complain to me in 3 months that you have done a BBQ and you're not playing ozzfest mainstage yet. Or... yes please complain. This will make a fun video. So you have been reading all of the "how to... (insert band...
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