Okay, this title can mislead. Why would i put the word asshole in there? To make you click of course.

I actually admit that i want people to see my content. But i don’t want you to be an asshole as well. And on the other hand i don’t tell anyone how to live his life. Never.

This is a reaction, or you may as well call it observation which turns into a documentation.

“Do not destroy stuff, do not be late, do not be a dick, do not think you’re something better because you can manage to get some kind of sound out of 6 weirdly arranged lines of steel. ” – Me – Today

And for gods sake – be nice. You want to make your band stand out?

Start backstage.

Be the one that shakes hands. Be the one that introduces yourself TO EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING ROOM. Be the one that asks questions. Be the curious one. Be… the nice one.

Too many people play 3 shows and act like they’ve DONE IT ALL on the fourth concert. They are a dick about how they treated the soundguy in the last venue. Hell even i thought i achieved something. I was proud. I may have been a dick sometimes. It’s actually possible.

That soundguy that you treated like shit may have been on his third job EVER. And now he’s starting to treat bands like shit because of you. This may compound into this:

Guy gets better and better, guy works at bigger locations, guy is still a dick, guy treats big bands like a bunch of idiots as well.  – You become bigger, you play bigger locations, and suddenly – THIS guy is running your monitor sound. Good night bro.

What goes around comes around. Especially in this “Industry” – And it does not matter what size of an act you are. You are in the industry. If you play ONE show. You’re in.

Thank you for reading and maybe eventually watching 🙂