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Codex: How To Not Embarrass Yourselves As A Support Band (Part I)

Be on time. The time that the tour manager told you to be there. If you’re stuck in traffic – let her/him know immediately. And it is not okay to say that you would’ve had to pay extra for that on your phone bill. Just do it.  End your soundcheck before your soundcheck time is over. Your vocal delay is not as important. Don’t leave your shit lying around. Ask their backline technician or the local technician where you can put your stuff. Play your show – Don’t play an encore – pack your shit together in five minutes and...

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🎤 [PODCAST] Episode 4 – Mick Jeffery // Aversions Crown / Widow The Sea

If this is your first time here: I’m Sascha, I’m a musician and i run this blog, make youtube videos and podcasts based around everything that concerns the band-person. So if you’re a band-person this might be just the place for you. Thanks for being here. Join the party. On this episode i’m talking to my dear australian friend Mick Jeffery. He’s one of the most metal persons i know. He played more shows in a fuck you and die shirt than fuck you and die played shows. This is a conversation about starting out and giving you facts...

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Consider This Before Posting To Facebook

SCROLL DOWN IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO ENABLE THIS FUNCTION! I understand that you want to share with the whole world that you’re playing in your hometown. But i hate to break it to you. If you want to let the whole world know you’re unfortunately shooting yourself in the foot. Because Facebook will give you a hard time doing so. In this Video i’m going to tell you how you can avoid this by targeting the right people for the right posts and what the exact problem is. Thank you for watching and caring. Subscribe, Like,...

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This is a picture from Summer Breeze 2017. It’s DWEF and I in front of the audience. Thank you! When does a single crew guy get thousands of metal horns? On summer breeze. just after he left his main band. I love you all! This felt incredible. I was checking something on the drums right when Nikita made a shoutout for me to the crowd. I didn’t hear anything because there’s no stage sound for vocals. I just heard my name and you all screamed. Thank you very much. You are amazing and unique fans!!! Picture by Vincent Grundke...

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Band Cashflow

Have you ever wondered how those bands can afford those fancy Sennheiser transmitters, those beautiful amplifiers and those in ear headphones that are at least a 1000 bucks each? Well… keep reading to find out. Mr. A: “Last time when i talked to Dave he said they don’t have any money. Like he doesn’t know how to pay rent next month. There’s really no money in musick…. x((“ Mr. B: “Wait… don’t they all have those new Blerblerps??? I mean… These are 1200 Moneys a piece… he must have been bullshitting you Mr. A hahah!!! On their rig rundown...

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